Everything you need to know about Law School! I answer all your questions about my Law School experience, including, entrance, study tips, student life, success and more!

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11 Responses to Law School 101 | My Experience Going to Law School

  • Fatima Chowdhry says:

    Also, were you concerned about the cost of law school and were you able to do find a job easily?

  • sofia matteo says:

    I am going to enroll Law School this fall and I am sure that it is the career for me. However, If you decide to become a lawyer in a foreign university the you can not validate your degree here in my country. This is so sad, I really want to study aboard but it is impossible for me since then my degree would be worthless!

  • Nicole Wong says:

    Attention who're

  • Martavious Edwards says:

    After law school, is it hard finding employment? What can I expect my first year practicing law?

  • Dendee says:

    You are so much more than a pretty face…Good for you…You should be very proud of yourself…

  • ulzii88 says:

    Great video! Your video was very informative and tied in very well with your unique experience.

  • Zakariah Lafreniere says:

    ugh. too much makeup.

  • Jazz Matt says:

    I'm Canadian and I want to be a lawyer in B.C ?????

  • Mayer Brown CL-IPs says:

    Hey! Have you qualified now? Maybe you've heard of our law firm? Any tips to help us get started on YouTube would be appreciated!

  • Lauren Pardue says:

    Wow you are pretty. Thanks for the video!

  • paomichel29 says:

    Okay, aside from doing what you want—-referring to the studying abroad for Law. I think what makes the decision tough is believing that if you want to come back home for instance Canada for you and U.S. for me, you fear that you won't be able to practice law and that you have wasted time.



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