Hey all! This video is for anyone wondering how to get started with leaving comments on people's blogs. Following these tips will get online conversations rolling and likely increase your own blog traffic.

The 5 tips for leaving comments were mooched from Linda Yollis's YouTube video. Her and her students did a fantastic job. I just modified it to fit with my older students. Here's a link: http://youtu.be/UDVSw54VU1A

Teachers - for a more inquiry based approach to teaching students how to leave good comments, check out this blog post from Ross Cooper - http://www.rosscoops31.com/2016/01/17/blogging-teaching-students-how-to-quality-comment/
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4 Responses to Leaving High Quality Blog Comments

  • Wendy Blewett says:

    Hey Nicolas – I am setting up a class blog for the first time for my 7th grade ELA students. Would you be willing for me to put your commenting video on my blog and/or at least show it to my students as a resource?

  • Nicolas Weiss says:

    Teachers, I also really like this approach from Ross Cooper – http://www.rosscoops31.com/2016/01/17/blogging-teaching-students-how-to-quality-comment/. It's more inquiry-based and makes the students think more deeply. I think the video I made is a great resource to give students ideas, but I love the idea of students looking at a variety of blogs and analyzing what makes a great comment. That way, they figure it out for themselves rather than us just defining it for them. In a sense, I do all the thinking in this video b/c I'm the one that analyzed all the comments. What if students did the same thing?

  • Belyrit says:

    thanks for the video, Nicolas.
    Leaving comments can be difficult thing to do, so all advise can be welcome. i find, as a teacher myself, that making educational vieos requieres showing authority on a subject, that is why i always ensure my flat is tidy before I film in it. I also clear my web history and religious playlist before showing my pc. i find it helps my students to take me seriously
    I think people have differing ideas about what constitutes a good comment. What somepeople find "cool", "exellent" or a "good quality comment" might be considered banal, pointless and the work of a disabled 6-year old by others. As long as it adresses the original post then it could be considered valid
    I try to keep my video blogs to a maximum of 3-4 minutes as if it is longer, people start to lose interest. perhaps you should consider serialising the video so to retain its impact …

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