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I've previously mentioned that I've had cancer in my videos but I thought that I would explain my journey and exactly the type of cancer which I have. I hope that you find this video helpful especially women out there who my have a history of cancer in their families. Please take note of the signs and symptoms that I ignored of ovarian cancer because it's a silent killer.
Check out http://cancer.org.au/ for more information and if you need some support I'm happy to help but please be aware that I'm not a counsellor and if you do need some more professional help please seek out your local mental health services. There is no shame in seeking there assistance I know that I have needed their help before. I have also done a blog post on this issue explaining in a bit more detail what I've been through.
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Love you guys

hey yallz leave meh some question yallz want meh to ansah below!
*i have neuroblastoma*
Guess what I have a fb fan page with daily updates on my cancer and life! Www.Facebook.com/angelsfortalia

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Hey you come see this cool fb page: www.Facebook.com/angelsfortalia
Heard they do daily updates on talias cancer and life! Cool!!!!

my boggyyyy! taliajoy.com!

thx peeps
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6 Responses to Lifestyle: My Cancer Journey

  • Michelle Hubbard says:

    I'm praying for you, I'm dealing w/ cancer for the second time, but this one is stage 4. You are an inspiration to all!! God bless you ??

  • BEZA Gebremedhine says:

    True inspirational and Amazing person. After all you went through you still calm and patient. How wonderful. I admire and love you. Stay strong and Have faith. May the Almighty God give you more strength dear. Be Blessed

  • Alice Ng says:

    I am praying for you now. Please let Jesus be your lord.

  • http://secretm3shop.com says:

    wow, RIP, you were so strong, now you can rest with the angels

  • Tom Jabar says:

    She is free from any pain and happy forever

  • Emily _animal_lover says:

    🙁 so sad she passed away. I lost my mom to cancer in March. 🙁 Now I'm having symptoms like this girl has. My lower abdomen keeps swelling, even though I'm small framed. I look pregnant, have cramps thru to my back, heavy cycles, and bowel changes. Doctors won't listen or do MRI, but I'm going to see a top OB in 2 weeks. I'm hoping for the best, but we know our bodies when something is wrong. 



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