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34 Responses to Living in NYC Expectations vs Reality!

  • Luana Mello says:


  • Lee Li says:

    coolest vlogs ever

  • Hi peace says:

    Love you Romee!!

  • Watzkamedia Production says:

    9:07 thank my later 😉

  • bit bit says:


  • Sonni Bustamante says:

    Your the Numero Uno model right now wooohoo Cheers and keep up with your positivity

  • Visn Leo/Ruben says:

    Always working out..

  • Ranisha Newsome says:

    I like your healthy meal awsome😀😀😀😀😊😊

  • IzYaGurlHadije M.A says:

    for the dutchiesss: je kunt echt aan haar accent horen dat ze van nederland komt NO HATE THO 😂💕

  • Sarah Blackwell says:


  • Sarah Blackwell says:

    Honestly Romee I'm so glad to see a models not perfect all the time and I love your blogs 💖

  • rinriny st says:

    You are so fit!

  • شموخ السلمي says:

    والله احبك اذا حابه تحبيني 0549002502

  • Heidi Caterina says:

    That beginning was so Casey Neistat 😀

  • Aqsa Jamshad says:

    Keep up the great content, you’re so beautiful and talented!! 💛

  • Niki Sta says:

    damn they are skinny af.

  • sami hassan says:

    She is beautiful wow but abit more skinny than she should be I know she have some muscles but common you need to be prepare for worse and. E in a very good health not a good she should get bigger muscle or gain some fats she need it

  • Camilla Ferrell says:

    Haha love this!

  • victoria ortega says:

    Born in Manhattan but my parents & I moved out to California because the small space is not ideal for a big family. Our extended family still lives in west New York, New Jersey. I tend to visit often, must say west New York, New Jersey is Cheaper living & the best view of Manhattan!

  • exceed lastname says:

    wow youre beautiful and good at creating videos… sex and the city is so fiction.. like the show but makes me think my life is boring every time

  • dreww1818 says:

    This was funny – 😉

  • Benji Price says:

    Expectation vs reality (super man). Yea guys in the movies it looks so easy to stop bullets in reality it's not that easy I actually got shot… go figure.

  • Benji Price says:

    Your boyfriend looks like the soccer player Gareth Bale

  • nasdavinci HipHop says:

    New york is not all gossip girl fashion models and Trump. It's dangerous and you will get robbed if u fuck around. Trust me I've robbed a few

  • Seth and Javi says:

    When I was in New York all I did was raise my hand and a taxi pulled over

  • GodDontWannaSeeMeWin says:

    Majority of this is NOT true. Everything you just showed just applies to you.

    1." The city that don't sleep" YOU suppose to make that happen. Not it suppose to come to you. You have to obviously go out.

    2. Anyone that's knows NYC knows how to take the train.

    3. No cab is going to pull over on a busy street to pick anyone up.

  • Cosmic lobster says:

    On my first day in NYC I walked past Daniel Radcliffe…

  • Audrey Polo says:

    Boba hp

  • Michael McConnell says:

    What shocked me about living in NYC was the incredible taxes.  You'll lose almost 40% of your paycheck. 7.5% city, 7.5% state then federal and FICA.  You can find things cheaper in regards to retail in NYC.  People are also a LOT more friendly and polite than what you see on film and television.  Museums can be pretty expensive.  Also, got to the boroughs.  That is where 'old' NY still lives.

  • POVHFR VIdeos says:

    I came to nyc on April 24, 2015, I was there about the same time as you in this video. I left in July. I was born in Brooklyn, before hipsters were even a thought…

  • Margot Touitou says:

    So accurate! Love it!

  • Arsene Wenger says:

    I'd like to get a bit of perspective, Im asian, never been to the states, or europe, I've always dream of visiting New york 1 month to visit all the areas, even stroll or walk or just see how NY live (plus i have alot of restaurant, tv show/movie sights i have planned). Many friends of mine in states says is overated, even the asians, but they live there. Id like to get an honest and true tip from someone who actually been there or in my position. thanks in advance!

  • Bev Carr says:

    This was cute. I love to see/hear people’s expectations about living in my hometown. I’m from NYC born & raised. I’m glad you love it,just make sure you develop some street smarts (if you don’t already have them lol) & make a shit-load of money at your job because that city is expensive as hell..I don’t miss it at all

  • aguslato says:

    Anyone know the music used for the tinder, fashion, and apartment moments?



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