Make Money Blogging (How We Built a 0,000/Month Blog) 10 Steps for 2019

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Learning how to make money blogging changed our lives.

We had no idea we’d make 3,457.98 our first year blogging.

Honestly, that number seems so fake just typing it…

Like something you’d see in a movie or a dream.

And that’s exactly why we created this website… Because as crazy as it sounds this is not a dream – this is a reality for many people and something we want to help you achieve.

That’s also why we created this 10 step-guide is the ULTIMATE free resource for how to make money blogging in 2019.

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18 Responses to Make Money Blogging (How We Built a $100,000/Month Blog) 10 Steps for 2019

  • Aynur Namli says:

    Reading many blogs that explain how to create a blog and watching many videos on youtube, this video is far the best! Many practical info. Thanks a lot.

  • BeReal Relentless says:

    Whats Good!!!?? So today I am starting, been putting it off for various reasons, but Im starting to see ideas I have sprinkled about….not sayin Im that GUY…..but I keep tryin to set everything up, and have it all just write, and learn editing, and web design, SEO, etc. etc. One thing that is natural to me is th gift of gab and bein outgoing, and more so, I really like having an affect on another….hopefully positively, ha. So I am going to go do your courses and shit and when I hit baller level…you have to let me take you and the love lady out for dinnr and drinks. Honestly I would do it tomorrow, but you don't know me from ______. So thanks for the info and see ya soon!!! Holla! P.S. I F'n hate typing(clearly)

  • Dee Burks says:

    FYI – Physical has an extra L on your screen…great content though….

  • International Project says:

    I will make money for my Life

  • Justin C. says:

    Can anyone help me. Want to start blogging and have a android tablet to start with. Want to build my blog offline until I have the money to go live. I need to use the android because I'm disabled and can only type with one hand. So the android speech to text really helps. Is there a way for me to do this?

  • UK Here We Grow says:

    Great video, time for an update now that keywords everywhere is no longer free. Brill advice though

  • Ramzee Fondren says:

    Thank you for the info! I’m just starting out so this was helpful😆

  • That's Deelicious! says:

    Awesome video! Just started YouTube recipe videos 2 months ago…and my food blog a month ago. Thanks for all of the tips! 🙂 I’ll be checking out your free blog training.

  • Henry Doris says:

    Awesome vid, thank you so very much.

  • Hakan Kaya says:

    Great 👍
    This give me lots of insights and motivation to growth and monetise my blog
    Thanks 🙏

  • Creating Family Moments says:

    Soooooo much info . . .

  • Serra Barrett says:

    Can’t remember the last time I watched a THIRTY MINUTE VID on YouTube. Nicely done! Great info delivered in a relatable and easy to watch format.

  • Sonu Mohan says:

    My brother says that you look like alpha m.

  • hrishikesh Mazumder says:

    I watch whole 30.18 minutes. And really helpful for my future blogging journey.
    Thanks Bhai.

  • DwaynesGuitarLessons says:

    Great video. Thank you for the nice insight. Really appreciate it.

  • Nash Rockett says:

    Hey thanx. Good stuff. I look forward to your free course. And, then….who knows! 🙂

  • Rami Sam says:

    Hai there awesome video!! Many thnx😁👍 so i have a quick question, wich template have you used for your blog? Because i want to start my own blog. Thnx

  • Create and Go says:

    To access any resources mentioned in the video feel free to check out our article on how to make money blogging:
    Step #1. Start Your Blog the Right Way 0:43
    Step #2. Make Your Blog Sexy Through Blog Design 4:09
    Step #3. Create The Content People Need 5:28
    Step #4. Get Traffic to Your Blog 7:29
    Step #5. Build a Subscriber Fanclub 12:34
    Step #6. Learn the 5 Different Types of Ways to Make Money 14:28
    Step #7. Start with Ads and Sponsered Posts 17:50
    Step #8. Progress and Master Affiliate Marketing 20:59
    Step #9. Create Your Own Products and Services (Physical and Digital) 23:21
    Step #10. Scale and Optimize 26:14



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