- Do you wanna learn how to make money blogging? This video recording from last night will show you how! Blogging Tip...

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  • Ramesh Pyakurel says:

    Have you experienced Cole Cash Code? (look for it on google) It is a
    helpful way to earn more cash fast.

  • Thomas Bouwman says:

    Thomas here, Ray’s Business Manager… We will be recording all of the
    sessions. We will email the recordings to the participants as soon as they
    are ready. That most likely will not be the same day of the live training
    as we will need to edit, process, and upload them. You will have access to
    the recordings for life when you join us as a student.

  • Ray Higdon says:

    Hmm, let me check on that, can you please email me?

  • Lady Neptune says:

    Hi Ray. I love this and want to sign up but do have a question. At first
    will all your sessions be live or if we miss one can we go back to watch it
    on the same day? I work outside the home so sometimes I may miss a live
    session. I want to make sure I catch all the lessons within the 1st 60 days
    and not have to catch up afterwards when access to past videos are released.

  • Claude Toussaint says:

    Good stuff Ray

  • workwithksmusselman says:

    OMG, Ray. Lee Press-on Nails. You’re showing your age… ROFLMAO

  • William Duque Trujillo says:

    Looks like elite online course

  • Lori Favela says:

    Pretty good Mr. Higdon thanks

  • BradleyWillTV says:

    Hi Laura. I am so sorry with your bad experience. We just refer the hosting
    account setup to our preferred partner at brainhost. So I called the ceo of
    their company to find out what is going on. He said they were making
    updates to their system and this may have been a company wide issue. Either
    case, he said you would get your money back for anything you didn’t
    purchase. My sincere apologies. I will reach out to you with a personal
    call as well so we can get this issue handled.

  • Laura Hison says:

    Hey everyone, I want to retract my comment about the free blog factory
    referral in this vid. Whatever the technical issue w the host, it was
    resolved in a very timely and professional manner. I’m very pleased with
    the support I got and I would totally recommended using them based on their
    obvious commitment to exceptional customer service.

  • Justin Murphy says:

    Love it, Ray! I can’t wait until the journey begins!

  • john k says:

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  • Robert Anderson says:

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  • Usha Simu says:

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  • Hari Das says:

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  • Robin Kumar says:

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  • Govind Sahani says:

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  • Ray Higdon says:

    Make Money Blogging

  • Govind Sahani says:

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