Hello Everyone Know you can do free website blogging from google just you need to have a gmail account if not please create a new account after logging into ...
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In this video you will learn how to create a website and a blog step by step. Great for beginners and people who want to learn wordpress. Learn things like i...

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  • shannon pemrick says:

    Great video, Tyler! Just in one video I’ve learned so much about WordPress
    and have a much better understanding on how it works. I do have a question.
    Is there a way to remove the Cyberchimp logo/link from the footer? I find
    it very distracting and I feel as though it ruins my overall design so I’d
    like to figure out how to remove it, if it’s allowed since it is a free
    theme after all.

  • Tyler Moore says:

    Thanks so much, Cena 🙂 my pleasure!

  • Tyler Moore says:

    Hi! thanks so much! i recommend following the newer videos. Best of luck!

  • Sanusi M ibikunle says:

    Good work man, I real enjoy you very well. pls do you have any video
    tutorial for social networking site

  • Dennis Boylan says:

    Excellent. A big help, your presentation and use of Youtube as a teaching
    tool, both first rate as is the depth of content. Many many thanks.

  • John Parkin says:

    Hi Tyler! Fantastic Video BTW! Update Problem? – I’ve been using a trial
    version of the iFeature theme, as per your video. However, I installed the
    update this evening, and it seems to have caused a problem with my Slider
    Lite banners on the static home page. The images have disappeared. I’ve
    re-added them, but each time I press Update Page – it doesn’t work. I go
    back to the Slider Lite option at the foot of the page, and the images are
    missing again. Is there a problem with the update?

  • Tyler Moore says:
  • Yvonne Omini says:

    Hello Tyler, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!! I have been
    able to build my website with your help. Thank you very much.

    Only question I do have, is that right at the end of your video when you
    spoke about adding twitter to your blog page. I never had the option to do
    so. If you could please expalin that would be great. Thank you

  • Andre Van Der Merwe says:

    Hi Tyler great Tutorial as allways..I have one question, how do I chance
    the footer that the Cyber Chimp logo is gone and I want to put my own text
    there. Thanx again for a great Tutorial…

  • Deacon Blues says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial Tyler!. I was really surprised with the
    flexibility of the free(?) theme used.

    Can you do a video showing how to break a long post up into sections, each
    with it’s own post page (pagination)?.
    I noticed a lot of authority sites doing this and I suspect it’s to reduce
    the bounce rate..

    They would break a long post into sections each with it’s own heading
    (h2/h3) and at the end of each section, they would have a “next” link or a
    number link (1.2.3 etc).
    When you click on the “next”/”number” link you would go to the next section
    of the post.

    Also I wouldl like to see how to integrate breadcrumbs into the site



  • stephan haas says:

    Blogging with WordPress… and Sushi

  • Princella A says:

    Hi Tyler, could you explain the Feature Slide, I loaded the same plugin
    that you used but I am not seeing where you put in the post number. And
    thank you so much for your awesome step by step videos.

  • Corgi says:

    How can you remove the cyber chimps logo at the bottom?

  • muhammad taqi says:

    hi there! hope you ok.i just seen your video and i want to ask you that if
    i create a website like this then will i be able to put adsense ads on it
    and can earn through it.Thanks!

  • xDakitoy says:

    what is the best website to buy the domain name from? go daddy?

  • Joseph Woerly says:

    Great video! I went along with the video step by step to create my new
    website.Thanks so much, my site looks great too hehe!!!

  • altagrace lafleur says:

    Hi Tyler AWESOME VIDEO! ,my only problem is I can’t read the prints they
    appear too small 

  • Akin Ladipo says:

    Just watching this video & hope that i ll get it, my question is this, can
    i launch a site (up and running) for about 2 months and later go for paid
    domain name and hosting later, this is to ensure i ‘ve got the technique
    before paying for the stuff, thank u

  • Lillian Morgan says:

    You make great videos Tyler, thanks so much, really do appreciate what
    you’re doing and have done :)

  • Dbd Crafts says:

    Hi Tyler, I am working on the Blog page and I don’t have a Twitter Bar to
    drag into my page. How exactly do I get this? I loved the video though,
    it’s been very helpful.

  • Boryana Georgieva says:

    Thank you so much for the tips!

  • patrizia maria salvini says:

    Grazie, grazie, grazie! You are an amazing teacher. Thanks so much for all
    your help!!!

  • Machari Clayborne says:

    Hey I got all the way to the point where I installed wordpress but it wont
    show the webpage in my browser 

  • Neil Breed says:

    Tyler I tried to access your forum but it wont let me. Can you paste the
    link here so I can ask you a question about this theme build. You rock bro!
    I have learned how to use wordpress from your videos and I have made a lot
    of money helping others with webdesign from your initial Black Bird Theme
    video. Again you rock bro!!!

  • WP Coaching School says:

    A very educational and informative video

  • Re Stone Exim says:

    Make Your Own Website from Google Blogger

  • Re Stone Exim says:

    Make Your Own Website from Google Blogger

  • Piping Engineer says:

    Make Your Own Website from Google Blogger

  • sanjary Academy says:

    Make Your own website from google blogger

  • Cloud Network says:



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