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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to Mens Fashion Haul :: Forever 21, H&M, Abercrombie, Hollister, Toms & Vans

  • LostRagazzo says:

    Can u you’s check out my haul puhlease

  • Eduardo Fierros says:

    I admire your unique style and would love to learn more about how you
    generally mix & match your wardrobe. I also wanted to add that I have some
    Clubmaster Ray Bans like the ones you have in this video & they truly are
    great. They’re my favorite type of sunglasses. Stay fresh bro! (:

  • Rodolfo Cabrera says:

    Jair! Tienes una mancha en tus dientes!! jaja

  • edwardo dejesus says:

    Where did you get that patron T??! 

  • ozyozy oz says:

    Wouldn’t recommend choies, I ordered 1 month ago and the items are not
    shipped yet. Also the stuff they sell are actually counterfeit products
    that are made in China so beware of the brands you are buying.

  • Sebastian Tramp says:

    do some more DIYs

  • aramdosuzman says:

    The pattern is Houndstooth

  • Kicks Daily says:

    I really want to order something from but im not sure about the
    sizing and shit. Is the sizing like the China fakes that you have to go up
    2 sizes? I wear Large on Tees and Medium on Jackets. I would really
    appreciate it if you can help me.

  • Andy Zaturno says:

    what’s with all this commercial hauls? Of course they are sending shit to
    you because you mention them? Please, talk about things you actually

  • Paul Zedrich says:

    OMG, that jacket from choies tho! I want!!! Link me jair! Please <3

  • Odd1Out says:

    You can barely see your upper teeth, it looks so weird hahaha

  • piston kronico says:

    you should mention where or what brand your getting them from.. other then
    that awesome pick bro .

  • Rico Pattawi says:

    I love LOUD shirts….. Printed…. 

  • Lee-charl Fraser says:

    Follow my Fashion Blog @lee_charlfraser on Instagram Love your work

  • Jay Jones says:

    He has very good taste in clothing 



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