Josi Denise received backlash after she quit her blog, "The American Mama," in a scathing final post about mommy blogging culture.
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11 Responses to Mommy Blogger Says Blog Consumed Her Life

  • zigyzigy13 says:

    Ka ka ka ka. Meanwhile, the Chinese are working on theiR goals and dreams. Say what? CHECK MATE!

  • SupaKawazu says:

    lol fucking women man. the stuff you guys stress about is baffling you guys are mental time bombs. someone pay me 1500 a post I promise I wont complain.

  • Reyna Younik says:

    Loved this video and i enjoy watching your videos im subbed to you im here to support your channel and learn more as i see your videos 🙂 I ALSO DO VIDEOS i would love if you can go check it out and give me your sub and give your criteria. i enjoy doing videos of all kind makeup funny challenges pranks and more !!!!

  • Muggle26 says:

    A lot of family blogger post !!!! after each video or post even if its sad. I associate ! With excitement or happy. Sometimes those titles sound so fake or inappropriate and I think about how can they be so happy on a sad title? Weird click baits for cash using their family as the cow…. (I came across this video because I am on the search for this mom vlogger I used to watch about 5-10 years ago. She was a young Australian women/maybe a teen. Her story was that her boyfriend had died, maybe it was suicide cant remember for sure. But she found out she was pregnant. She named her son Noah I think maybe Adam but i really this it was Noah. And she had a couple vids talking about her pregnancy and tough birth. The videos usually took place in her room on her bed with a window in the background. She wasn't popular at the time but I'm curios if she still has a channel. Probably not but was checking google and everything…hmmm I hope she and her son are doing well.)

  • Cistal c says:

    That's why it's not a personal blog it's a job your selling an image. Why would anyone think it's all real???

  • Glamour Vlogs says:

    it's a blog?? If you don't want to, don't do it?? It's that simple. If it bothers you quit! Like she is all sad about it, I mean come on. You choose to do this, you decided it wasn't a good fit for your family, so you stopped. I don't get what the fuss is about? The fact that she didn't have good enough judgement to decide that taking on all these sponsors wasn't a good idea? I'm glad her family is happier now though.

  • CL M says:

    She sounds like a miserable, negative, privileged fool.

  • sue she says:

    they are raising real issues here all you dismissive naysayers. wait till it happens to you

  • ptv #parent tv says:
  • Cry311 Family Vlog says:

    Check out my mom vlogs in Myrtle Beach sc 💕

  • Soraya Martin says:

    we are living in a fake world. nobody fakes more than the everyday people on social media trying to emulate their fake idols.
    its just the world we are living in but it can change: simply not giving a damn what people think about you.



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