I can't believe I'm uploading this.
Um. So. These are some things I just felt I needed to say.

It's okay not to be okay. I want you to know that. That you're not alone in all of this. Those feelings that you're feeling are valid, you are not wrong in your emotions. But you need to know that this is not a way of life, everyday should not be a bad one and every morning should not be a struggle. If you're feeling unexplainable sadness or having thoughts of harming yourself or others, TALK TO SOMEBODY. I cannot stress that enough. Cutting yourself will not fix your problems. Purging your dinner will not make today better. Those toxic coping mechanisms are causing bigger problems in themselves. I promise you that they will not make any of this go away. Reach out to your parents, friends, people you trust, scream on the top of rooftops until they hear you and listen that you NEED HELP. There is nothing weak or shameful about admitting that you can't do this on your own.
I love you.
I care about you.
You matter to ME.
If you ever hurt yourself it would hurt me.
My love is unconditional & I'm not going anywhere.
We're going to get through this together.

Little things that have been making me feel better:

SLEEP- this is SO underrated, just by getting 8+ hours of sleep a day I feel like my mind is working so much sharper and more rational
Massages- Expensive, yes. Worth it? YES! They ease tension and have been proven to lighten the symptoms of depression. ( I'm told that acupuncture works wonders, but I'm a little freaked out by that one, but let me know if you recommend it!)
Talking- This sounds stupid I know. But just talking to someone about what you're feeling. A therapist, your parents, your friends, ANYONE- this time around I'm so glad I told my friends and family what I was feeling because now we can talk about it with no shame or embarrassment on my end.

What I'm Wearing:
Top- My dads....stole it when I went back home, kinda like a security blanket, and I'm embarrassed to say I've worn it every day this week

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This is an honest look at how it feels to be depressed. This is my first attempt at video blogging. I hope it helps others.
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12 Responses to My Depression Story: Where I’ve Been & What I’m Feeling

  • Serenity Calm says:

    Hi there,  I have had depression all of my life,  it has come and gone, it takes a lot of work.  I have had remissions and relapses. It hurts,  just go an hour at a time.  I have made some  videos, and am building  on getting rid of the stigma.   Hugs, don't blame yourself…

  • Linnea Petersson says:

    Power to you girl

  • Teagan Prince says:

    Thank you for sharing I really hope that you start feeling better stay strong we love you❤

  • Amanda Rochelle Cohen says:

    You are an incredible human being! I love you! Thank you! Come to Montreal! Please I want to meet you!

  • Tycarni Magraith says:

    hey dont worry i can relate being depressed is really bad if you dont even know why your upset i thank you for proving to my parents that i needed help and now im getting better your helping hank you im now out of hospital and i am happier now thank you ily megan

  • Grace Yano says:

    Thank you so so much for sharing with us. I know it's hard for people like us to share such a thing even to one person but u shared it to the world. I really appreciate it. I'm 18yr girl who lives in Japan and I also have been struggling with depression about almost three year. By watching ur video made me cry and realized that I'm not alone and hopeless person with no future. After I watched ur video, I actually went talked to my parents about my depression. They haven't understood what is it like to have depression and how it kills me inside. But at least I'm little bit hopefull now 🙂 thank you so much again for making this video. You are my favorite and the most realist youtuber I have encountered❤️ I love u so much and wish u the all the best xx

  • mm 12 says:

    i'm depressed and because of it people at home and around me ignore me and make me feel like its all my fault and ignore me like i don't even matter. So now i just keep to myself and away from everyone because its the right thing to do to handle it myself. Sometimes i feel like jumping out of belcony.

  • Mallimac The Otaku says:

    It's all going to get better someday, it'll be ok. :)

  • Jimena Pueyo says:

    Thankyou. This Helped. Alot.

  • s1lent psycho says:

    at least you got someone that cares about you :/

  • Bea triz says:

    I'm depress and no one knows

  • Jasmine Sarabia says:

    Thank you for this, sometimes I can be so incredibly happy and then all of sudden be so sad and it honestly feels horrible.



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