I go through my entire printing workflow from start to finish, from taking the photograph, choosing the paper, loading the paper profiles, calibrating my monitor, signing the print, cutting the print and packaging the print.

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The Aftermath 1 - August Wilhelmsson
Stay Near - Henrik Olsson
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15 Responses to My Printing Workflow from Start to Finish

  • IffeOnline says:

    This comment is a bit off topic but it's just a fun training-suggestion for any photographers:
    This last year I've been playing a hunting simulator game on Steam called "The Hunter: Call of the Wild". You got European and American woods and mountains to walk around in as well as Russian tundra. In addition to weapons and binoculars, you have a camera you can take out at any time to take photographs of the scenery. It has built-in rule-of-thirds lines on the screen and you can zoom in and out with it. The photos you take are saved to your harddrive as jpg's and you can edit them a bit in lightroom to make them really pop. In the game you also have a tent you can bring with you and an ATV to drive with. So you can drive to a spot that looks nice, set up the tent and then set the timer to wake up at 5 in the morning to catch the sunrise. Then you take photos of that. Then you pack up and drive around to find other locations. The maps are huge and you can spend hours just driving around without running out of terrain to explore. I have a video on my channel where you can see examples of the graphics in Call of the Wild in case you are curious. I used to do this kind of thing in Grand Theft Auto 5 as well since you have a camera with filters and such there too. It's a fun way to train compositions and such even when you don't feel like going outdoors in real life. Just a general tip if you have access to games like these.

  • Deibertography says:

    Great information, and, as always, a great video. Just wondering if you could shed some light on your portfolio? How do you go about putting together a portfolio?

  • Andre Audet says:

    I've been wanting you to make a video like this… very useful information!

  • Shelley Edhouse says:

    Thanks for the video Thomas, you can see how much hard work, love and care goes into your prints, very impressive set up. Your customers are definitely getting their moneys worth.

  • Rob Skovell says:

    Thomas, what inks do you use for your prints? Do you use the Canon inks that you can buy at the stationery store or something more expensive. Also, where do you purchase your papers?
    I have a A4 Pixma MG8100 where i use standard range Canon inks, which are ok for a test print but falls short of my wish for quality, which is why I send out my images to my favourite lab.
    btw, I like the idea of creating a colour chart and having Canon/Ilford to do a profile!

  • Brian Polizzotti says:

    Watched many videos of yours that I love. This one made me a subscriber. Good day,to a nice guy

  • Ceilih McGrady says:

    I can't tell you how invaluable this information is to me. Thank you! Really enjoyed the flash back as you read the photo story. 🙂

  • Clara Jolly says:

    I didn't know that you could get a personalized profile from the manufacturer, that was a very valuable information to me, thanks ! I loved how your video was structured and clear.

  • Volker Torringen says:

    Hello Thomas, thank you for the great impressions in your videos. When I saw this video, I thought to myself. "Oh my god, what a effort, these pictures are probably priceless!" Then I looked at your shop and saw that you almost give away your pictures, for so much so little money. I know that's my opinion and others will not agree, but I do! Thumbs up Thomas!!

  • Martin Doran Photography says:

    Wow , the love and detail and care that goes into each one of your prints alone make it good value , Good to know and a good goal to set for myself ,

    Thanks again for another great video

    PS , cringy part when you were reading out the tracing paper one , almost sounded like a poem at the start lol

  • Jeffrey Evans says:

    A very interesting and useful explanation of your printing routine. Enjoyed it Tom as I do all your videos. Nice to see how much care you put into your product.

  • tim watley says:


  • David Mora Cvitanic says:

    this video can resume in one word: "Profesionalysm"

    I hope i can meet you when you came to patagonia with brendan

  • Kuky NOOBTV says:

    Just watched you for 20 minutes talking about how you print a picture and I am not bored

  • Jeff Kuhn says:

    Moral of the story, you have to spend money to make money. Some good information, Thomas

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