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22 Responses to My TOP 5 Beauty Tricks / Tips! Lashes, Brows +MORE!

  • Christiana Tackett says:

    I use Cosmetic Lad by Lush for a facial moisturizer and it works great! 

  • Leanne I says:

    I couldn’t do the math, I’m English and have no idea what age you are in
    sophomore year 

  • Lovely Dooney and Brahmin Bags says:


  • Deo Blxck says:

    Is 19 degrees cold to Americans?

  • Shanelle Moreno says:


  • MirrorMei says:

    What’s the music around 10:30 ? It’s nice, I like it!

  • Danielle Jade x says:

    I just uploaded my first ever youtube video

  • Aming Joe says:

    My TOP 5 Beauty Tricks / Tips! Lashes, Brows +MORE!:

  • Tina mcmillan says:

    Thanx girl! im totally gunna try this when I get home ;)

  • Alejandra Velasco says:

    I completely recommend our Melaleuca products for dry skin! Amazing amazing
    lotion and it cures or helps the exzema. 

  • Tiffanie Cooke says:
  • Hailey Harber says:

    Organic coconut oil and DMSO works WONDERS for the skin. (Coconut oil is
    one of the best makeup removers out there. No, it will NOT clog your pores.
    Remove your makeup with it and then reapply it for this purpose). Spread a
    thin layer of organic coconut oil to the face and neck. Take a few drops of
    DMSO and rub it in over the oil. Sleep. Wake up to AMAZINGNESS.

    FOR THE NIGHT. Do not use DMSO with anything other than coconut oil!!

    Your skin will thank you (and me). :)

  • LisaLuvsMAC says:

    LOL I remember way back that I used lick q-tips and use them wity shadows!!
    Haha oh how we evolve!!! Love your videos!!! Xoxo

  • Sara Scholefield says:

    One trick I always do is put two coats of clear mascara on, let it dry,
    then use the eyelash curler, THEN put my fav. Mascara on. Huge difference
    in curling power, amazing, try it!

  • Bishnu Bhujel says:
  • Bellabear Crawf says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous

  • Kelsey Bolfing says:

    coconut oil + sugar = amazing exfoliater and moisturizer and it isn’t
    harmful on the environment like those products she said. MICROBEADS ARE
    BAD!!! they are so bad on the environment and harmful to so many animals. 

  • d26s10 says:

    For dry skin, I totally recommend moisturisizing from within rather than
    putting creams on the surface. How to do that? By eating correctly! Eat
    plenty of avocado, coconut oil, salmon, nuts, olive oil… Healthy fats.
    And drink a ton of water. I used to get dry patches in winter but not at
    all now that I’ve added healthy fats to my diet. 

  • Marcello Cartier says:

    Beauty is truth, truth beauty,that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need
    to know. Beauty deprived of its proper foils and adjuncts ceases to be
    enjoyed as beauty, just as light deprived of all shadows ceases to be
    enjoyed as light. The soul needs beauty for a soul mate. When the soul
    wants…the soul waits.

  • rida ali says:

    What’s a dupe for the sigma dip brow pomade in the UK? 

  • Arrawye: :الراوى says:

    Hi dear! Did you hear about who use some of a very little olive oil on her
    face before putting powder as foundation?
    Because the cream kind of foundation it doesn’thelp with dry skin.
    I mean sometimes.
    Thank you :)

  • Brooklyn Carter says:

    Her = Kim Kardashian She Totally Looks Like Her 



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