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32 Responses to Nail Polish Collection + Storage (Tracy’s)

  • funkiichiicka says:

    Nice to see you in my feed again! Those creme polishes looked gorgeous. The
    pink I love! I’ve never tried MAC polishes either but maybe now I will give
    it a go. Thanks for the swatches! Would love to see your Gwen Stefani
    swatches if you could please? X

  • kylabunga says:

    Yay it was nice to find one of your videos on my feed again! :D

  • Silkspinner says:

    Will you be swatching any of the new OPI collections?

  • colleen brown says:

    So glad to see you back!

  • RAFashionDI says:

    Lovely nail polish colors! Love them. Please check out my nail art video.

  • loriandmonsterxoxo says:

    They are all beautiful! The mandarin looks amazing on you<3 great swatch
    videos, thanks!


    I could watch you paint your nails all day long!

  • saufi ripin says:

    Dont forget recyle your nails polish bottle and you can get a lipstick For
    free… Xoxo 

  • hanna banks says:

    You arent supposed to promote other brands if a brand sends you items.
    Coming from someone who does this for a living. Thats a quick way to make
    sure you never get stuff again. Stick to the brand you were sent. Promoting
    other brands when you are given free things, takes away from the main
    brand, giving the other company business

  • Anaiya Zachary says:

    What is the name of the 6th china glaze polish. (Left to right)

  • quiettornado1970 says:

    wet n wild u can put it on with one coat too and their dirt cheap. megalast
    99 cents

  • ashley preston says:

    Do an updated one!

  • Haleigh Tubbs says:

    I love it……..I have the same mint candy apple Essie nail polish

  • Isabelle Peters says:

    and i thought i had to mreny nail polish 

  • Amanda Metcalf says:

    I like jelup, and if there beauty products good to. and due to us not
    having alot of money and i can’t get a job because of school (Never mess
    around first to years of hs makes the last two over welming and i refuse to
    not graduate on time ) I can only get one subcription box and I changed
    jelup for Ipsy.

  • Angela Li says:

    Updated nail collection please!!! :D

  • Zigzagtape says:

    U should do a water marble nail tutorial 

  • Jay Yang says:

    you have more than Stefanie’s nail polishes

  • The great YASMINE says:

    Can’t they dry out

  • Porscha Gray says:

    for some reason my computer isn’t letting me watch any of your videos

  • LoveByLiv4 says:

    I’m OBSESSED with Sinful Colors nail polish! They are so cheap at walmart!
    Just $1.97

  • Jessica Kilbury says:

    zoya =] way to represent the vegan/cruelty brands!

  • Morgan Brey says:

    I love all of those colors and should probably look into getting some of
    them if you can give me some help can you comment some of yours and
    Stefanie’s favorite colors and the brands

  • Leighz says:

    You uave loads of nail polish

  • Lauren Escobar says:

    how much did u wast 

  • Leighz says:

    Were can you purches zoya nail polish ?

  • UnaLindaNena1 says:

    Where did you buy your nail Polish racks 

  • nyasia nettles says:

    Can you do an updated on of both of yours

  • THEcuteOWL says:

    Please do an updated nail polish collection for all us nail polish
    addicts!!!!!!!! 🙂 

  • youneverknow says:

    ive never seen such girly girls

  • Dana Zarazinski says:

    Nail Polish is my weakness. Can’t walk out of a Walgreen’s when Sinful
    Colors are 99 cents without grabbing a few!

  • PepsiFreak O_o says:

    You guys should do a updated nail polish collection and updated makeup



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