New Book Blog & Fave Books of 2013!

I have a new book blog. Yay! I say "basically" too much, and you can occasionally hear my dog barking in the background. FUN...

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General sheeeeyiiiiit.
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  • Dummkopf666 says:

    Why don’t you just self-publish your book? That will save you money, plus
    you can choose what material you want to be in the book. Publishing houses
    will probably ask you to change stuff to increase sales.

  • Hueborn says:

    The kind of man that eats food. You know that shit comes out of the ground?
    Like to see you be a “Man” against a guy working on a farm. You would be

  • Styxhexenhammer666 says:

    There are inherent risks in self publishing.

  • coolkidd99 x says:

    Make some more trip reports 🙂


    Very nice!

  • ruby burrow says:

    I love everything about you, and I can t even say how much I look at you
    and think wow he is so smart and you speak to people to where they
    understand except I refuse to see this side of the garden, I am going to
    say I have known you so I think, maybe time or we say we could believe in
    facts I say thin air not to be see I call it faith, I know my 2 has come to
    see but I always keep one to be, baby far so I went under to speed 2 now I
    see w# could never be time we need, I did this 4 u only 2 u c?

  • Steezyseaotter says:

    Looking forward to your book!

  • marshbjuneb22 says:

    I want to see those big ass sunflowers Lol, good luck with your book

  • Put that goddamm knife down! says:

    Naked Styx returns!

  • zensei999 says:

    I’m looking forward to that horror book.

  • arkonastriborg123 says:

    What kind of a man does gardening

  • theRoseofmyheart says:

    I love the garden videos-good to see you

  • ruby burrow says:

    i know?

  • maniloookhelagood says:

    Well a pothead or a person who likes to keep things clean and nice

  • Pucho616 says:

    There’s a lot of risks with self-publishing your own book.Most big book
    stores like Barnes and Noble aren’t keen on carrying self-published books
    on their shelves (they might carry copies of the book on their website but
    that’s about it,so in other words the book goes unheard of.)

  • Dummkopf666 says:

    That may be true. But Styx can sell the books directly through his own site
    as most of his potential readers will be people who subscribe to him on

  • Hueborn says:

    People taking your material? Maybe if it becomes big you won’t be able to
    take it to the next level? I like the programmatic approach. However, if
    this is your first book, you should focus on the people that support you.
    If you want to put a new, unique idea on the shelf, unique like yourself.
    You have to sell yourself.The best way to do this is focus on people that
    connect with you. There is an emerging market outside mainstream for
    obvious reasons stated in your video.Look to those outlets.

  • JacksonNomad says:

    A real man.

  • 585CountryBoy says:

    what happened to your drug videos?

  • hsn777 says:

    good luck man

  • Styxhexenhammer666 says:

    I have no clue- the price will be out of my hands and the publishing date
    depends on final edits, tweaks, and artwork creation.

  • arkonastriborg123 says:

    Styx is making us real satanist look soft with his gardening bullshyt

  • Ben Dagg says:

    bring back your trip reports

  • Management Assistance Channel says:

    Can you make a video on eastern orthodoxy: roots , social impact and what
    makes it different from other christian groups. this will be great cos you
    almost never mention it in your videos. thanks! 🙂

  • xbarbiezodiacx says:

    do you have a kik? or any other form of social messaging? 🙂

  • enchantology says:

    I have a new book blog! Yay.

    PS. Youtube won’t let me change the thumbnail, so sorry about the thumbnail
    of me in the middle of speaking. I tried to fix it. BUT ALAS, YOUTUBE IS

  • Erika Chung says:

    =) Congrats on the book Blog! I’ll definitely be checking it out b/c more
    book things are always great! 

  • Suna J says:

    I’m loving your blog already 😀
    haha loved your montage XD
    Happy new year!

  • Sara Book Lover says:

    Yaayyy new book blog! I headed on over and followed because I love it! So
    pretty and organised *sigh* your blog and youtube are so amazing! I think
    its an excellent idea anyway because you’re right in that sometimes its
    just easier to read through a list in a few minutes instead of watching a
    video. I love the idea of a book blog and have been meaning to make one for
    the longest of time but the idea that it could be a total failure and no
    one would be interested terrified me! I sucked it up though and went ahead
    and made one ( ) because I just need a place
    to write all my book related thoughts lol. Anywho enough rambling! Love
    your channel and looking forward to some more awesome blog posts :D

  • Brie says:

    Happy New Year!

    So I hurried over to your blog last night….I was so excited I didn’t even
    finish watching this video. I’m a book blogger too at and am so excited that one of my favorite
    BookTubers has a blog. It’s been kind of hard for me to get into certain
    book blogs :/ and yours is very accessible (format and content wise)…just
    like your videos. I know I’m not making much sense because I’m so excited.

    On another note…I like your outfit and your montage :)

  • Aliaa El-Nashar says:

    I understand what you’re saying, for me, I have been having difficulties
    balancing both my bookblog and my youtube channel, but for the most part
    review books are on my blog and books for fun have reviews here.

  • FinalBlowJoe says:

    Blogs are the ideal accompaniment for book videos,you can talk (write)
    about things in a different kind of way.
    Was the video you mentioned you one where the last 15 minutes was

  • Escape Into Words says:

    I really like the idea of creating a book blog! I will definitely be
    checking it out :)



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