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23 Responses to New Empower Network 2.0 What is ENV2 ? The Viral blogging system Env2 Explained Empower Network 2.0

  • Jay Brown says:
  • Jay Brown says:
  • Doug Powell says:

    ENV2.0 Will Change Network Marketing Get Educated Now Let me Guide you To Success!

  • shaun warner says:

    Screw you Facebook…lol, love it!

  • Jay Brown says:

    The Beast is Coming Get Ready !!!!!!

  • WhoIsDebbieNicholson says:

    I loved every moment of what is to happen to our businesses. Thank you for
    your vision and your hard work. And Thank you to the team behind you all.

  • Hunter Huntington says:

    Terrific and very exciting for you!

  • Jason Brown says:

    So Fired Up!!!

  • luna bim says:


  • Anne Duncan says:

    So much more than I ever imagined… I’m MORE than excited!

  • Terence Higgins says:

    This Is ENV2 WATCH and ENJOY then you’ll see the POTENTIAL,
    Then click the link and let our team help you on your journey

  • Empower Network/ Prosperity team says:

    Viral blogging?

  • Dominic Freeman says:
  • Jay Brown says:

    Empower Network 2.0 what is ENv2 ????

  • Tyler Smith says:

    Oh, but i’m glad to hear you are in keeping with the playground bully
    “you’re missing out on money by not being upgraded” “You’re missing PREMIUM
    content because you’re not upgraded!” Jesus….. The only beastly thing I
    see coming from this is a fucking mob of pissed off, broke %97 percentile.

  • punkinpooh28 says:

    I’m glad that I got involved on 9/20/13 at the $25 and on 9/21/13 I got the
    Inner Circle I’m very excited about this platform The Blog Beast that’s
    coming soon.I also see great things happening for this company because It’s
    truly helping a lot of families be able to beat this thing called a
    recession.I’m in and I’m following the necessary steps to achieve my dreams
    I’m already seeing It’s possible.

  • goose228 says:

    I thought all content by Empower Network was blocked by facebook? You say
    screw you Facebook????…..Yeah its only 1 BILLION users. Buyer beware. I
    had my domain redirected to my empower network blog and now it has been

  • Tyler Smith says:

    WTF about this is appealling to people? How cult-y. Screw facebook? LOL….
    um, ok… EN can feel free to go take all that garbage elsewhere and just
    spam it to each other all day every day. Clear my newsfeed up. Then,
    everyone in the crowd is saying what the Daves want them to with the flick
    of the wrist? LOL…. seriously? Minions. Good luck with your blogging when
    google just released the new penguin update at SEO as marketers know it is
    dead. No fans? No Traffic. GOOD LUCK!!

  • Christopher Farcher says:

    ENV2 is going to be awesome, hope everyone is getting ready and knows how
    to get leads to grow their business. Need help reach me at

  • Rochelle Marie says:

    This is going to be awesome. Affiliate or not the platform will ROCK and I
    am sick and tired of being stuck at a computer…that is slow as moe
    anyway! SWEET!!!! Negative Nelly… need to comment and swearing is not
    appropriate. Children read these posts too!!!! GEEEEEE

  • Warren Lee says:

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  • JordiPlays says:

    Lol you sad people think you can make thousands of dollars just by
    blogging. Why don’t you all get of your ass and get a real job like real

  • Mohammed Mohi Uddin says: 01733062983

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