New York City Apartment Tour 2014 (Updated)

WE MOVED in 2015!! Check Out Our New Apt! - Watch our 2013 Apartment Tour - Blog post on our updates - Advice for moving...
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14 Responses to New York City Apartment Tour 2014 (Updated)

  • Southerngirlsmakeup says:

    This makes me want to move to New York haha

  • Val H. says:

    You get a thumbs up, from me! I have always heard that people in NYC have
    to live in tiny apartments, and now I see it is true. Wow, that is small.
    However, you have done an excellent job decorating. The colors are bright,
    and there is plenty of light.
    Love the floating coffee table. You want to be in a popular area, so, you
    concede the space issue. Do what you want to do, and the heck with what
    other people think. You are young and starting out, so have fun…….all
    the best to you and your guy, Hugs, Val.

  • Sarikhi Chaffin says:

    I’m about to move from a 2600 house to a SMALL APT (600sqf). I’m doing
    research on how to make it work. Can’t believe how small this. Go job

  • Angel Sams says:

    I know it’s small but I love your apartment. I love the layout and the
    exposed brick!!!! Also I love how the coffee table has the clear sides it
    looks like it’s floating. The matchbook thing was also really cute and
    clever :)

  • Goniee Rogers says:

    I remember when I first started going to ny apartments in Manhattan on you
    tube, my mouth dropped on how small the apartments was, I was so
    disappointed and so pissed. but now I’m like yeah that’s new york. I’m so
    used to these apartments being small every time I go to a video, now I’m
    like oh that is so cute wish to have a studio like that.

  • 94Munisha94 says:

    lol first i thought the coffee table was floating 

  • Arabella Ashton says:

    People need to understand that not all new york apartments are small and
    cramped, if you live in a borough other than manhattan believe me you will
    be getting more bang for your buck and all you have to do is catch a train
    to get to the city, if you insist in living in the city get ready to get
    some money out and people judging her apartment need to relax because
    there’s only so much you can do with an apartment that you do
    not own. 

  • Lacey Kay says:

    This makes my heart skip a beat! I am absolutely in love with New York City
    and have always wanted to live there. Your place is so cozy & cute…you
    have definitely made the best out of the space. Love love love!

  • SublimeAbstraction says:

    I have been obsessed with going back and watching all of your videos
    lately! Is it possible that you could add a “How to Find an Apartment/
    regular price points for things in NY” video and how to plan for it. I go
    there all the time and just spent over three months there but want to
    relocate to NY permanently this spring when I graduate from school. I like
    all of the advice you’ve given on the city thus far is quite accurate, spot
    on, and very helpful. Just wanted to hear your take on this since I
    appreciate your perspective. =)

  • Erica Moon says:

    this is why ill never live in new york. while it may work for others its
    just not worth being cramped to me. frustrating lifestyle.

  • Liesbeth L says:

    I absolutely love your decorating style. I wouldn’t mind living there! So
    cosy and bright.

  • Jesse James says:

    I know this is kind of unrelated to this video, but I have some suggestions
    for other videos that you could film! My favorites that you film are advice
    related to college, internships, careers, and the professional world. I am
    very driven, and I think it is rare to find someone on YouTube who has
    good, helpful content on those subjects. Maybe a video like “Things I With
    I knew Before Moving to New York,” “Things You Should Do Before You
    Graduate,” “Finding a Job 101.” Just some ideas!

  • Kirbyakh says:

    Love the decal on the window. that way you can have the blinds open to let
    light in, and don’t have to worry about the whole neighborhood seeing you

  • findikification says:

    May I ask how much the rent is? just curious about nyc rents :)



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