The Obama White House is going after the Drudge Report, Naked Emperor News, and other conservative websites for posting a video that showed Obama saying that employer-based healthcare coverage should be made illegal. Some nobody in the Obama Administration is accusing them of taking words out of context.
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When a fake conservative blogs to advance the Romney campaign he accidentally reveals the biggest problem Romney and the GOP has.
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24 Responses to Obama White House Goes After Drudge Report and Conservative Blogs for Uncovering Truth

  • Chyomang says:

    LOL…you think I'm talking about that one interview question? Clearly someone hasn't been keeping up with current events. Paul GAVE UP. He stopped campaigning. It's people like you who don't live in reality and would vote for Mickey Mouse if Ron Paul endorsed him. Time to find a new god to worship (which Paul is clearly yours).

  • Chyomang says:

    It's people like you who can't do their own research and think that Paul has a chance if we all write in his name. Did you read my response? Paul HAS NOT registered as a write-in candidate in ANY STATE that requires it. He can't run in states that have sore loser laws, and can't in states that dont allow write ins THAT MEANS HIS VOTES WILL BE THROWN OUT, NOT COUNTED…jesus christ. I donated $500 to Paul's campaign, and if he was still campaigning, i'd be actively telling people to vote for him.

  • Chyomang says:

    If enough people like you throw away their votes, then the liberty votes will not be shown. They'll just assume we voted for Romney.

  • SOSnUSA says:

    Need I remind you? it's MY VOTE, I can and will vote for who ever I please. If that means having my write in vote for Ron Paul ignored, so be it. Obama will win this election, Romney can't win, was never meant to win, It's just a show. The fact you really think GJ has a chance is what baffles me. Hate to break it to you but your vote for GJ will be thrown away too.

  • Chyomang says:

    Umm.. GJ has NO chance at winning…im not stupid. You can vote however you want, but forgive me for trying to make the liberty vote more visible to the public. My question to you is, are you voting for the man or the message? I'm thinking it's the former. Maybe you'll feel good about yourself, but you're helping no one. good day.

  • SOSnUSA says:

    How is voting for GJ helping anyone? How is it any different? either way it's a protest vote against the 2 party machine. Gary Johnson hasn't proven himself. You people think the system works and Voting for GJ is some how meaningful. I don't care about who you vote for, I just take offense to someone claiming Ron Paul gave up, when clearly he was cheated and this lame ass argument about splitting the vote. None of these arguments are yours, You're just repeating them.

  • Chyomang says:

    Actually, no. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions thank you very much. The idea is to make visible the vote for liberty. If GJ gets even 8% of the vote, the media will not be able to ignore the divergence in public acceptance of the current two party system. You seem like the person that wants it all and wont take anything less. I respect that, but writing in Ron Paul does nothing to help the country in ANY way. They only read write-in votes if its a close count…

  • Josh Tolley says:

    Thank you!

  • agoddard77 says:

    Josh tolley is so freaking on point!!!! Thank you josh!!!

  • Josh Tolley says:

    Thank YOU!!

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk says:

    March 30, 2013, To: Josh Tolley, Mitt Romney is a good Man.

  • gbvegeta says:

    Yea again Norway isn't comparative to the diversity that the United States has. Government health care would work in Texas, because their are laws preventing deficit spending. But the National government rages wars we can't afford, stations troops all over the world, and also gives billions away to other countries. Norway looks very nice man, though I don't agree with your prison system. Child rapists are put to death here.

  • tsfonline says:

    "..didn't really say" huh….I must have been mistaken. Oh…I didn't really type this…

  • saanderud says:


  • d1g17 says:

    @2010cynic wow you have no life lol…besides i have no intention of gleaning any of these ideals from other countries. There is no modern country with socialized health care that actually works. Every single one is going broke. I guess i am learning from other countries and what NOT to do.

  • Union 5 says:


    indeed you are clearly a mongloid, be silent.

  • truthmedicine says:

    It's sad to see the Truth is becoming so unpopular~

  • DrPoon says:

    All of the media lies.
    Republicans and democrats are ushering in the NWO.
    Everything you hear in the news is usually fake these days. The oil spill was not as bad as they made it out to be. Swine flu was a gigantic hoax. There is no such thing as global warming. The toyota recalls were proven to be no worse than any other car manufactures problems in a single year.
    It's all misdirection. They flood the airwaves with so much 'crisis' keeping people occupied. Republicans and Dems gotta go!

  • winston smith says:

    @2010cynic Is Obama asking for more wiretaps

    No, he just wants to control the internet.

    wake up people its all of government the real people hate.

  • bigge525 says:

    I hear ya. Just when you think conservatives couldn't be more brain-dead liars, here comes matt drudge..

  • bigge525 says:

    I guess you had your fingers stuck in your ears from Jan 2001 to Jan 2009 huh? Oh wait, you said "critical" GWB only not stop cried about and blamed the media for everything he did that left this country in the worst state it ever has been before Obama spent 1 day in office. LOL 🙂

  • Amazonjudy2001 says:

    oh like the government tells the truth/ liars every last one of them

  • david symalla says:

    Ya, like, You didn't build that. the man is a total asshole liar..

  • horsefaceemily says:

    Why the fuck did you vote a jew boy In as president you shopuld have known wot he`d do,he has no wright looking after jew boy land as If Its America,then turning America into jew boy land,sneeky jew boys boot em out Hittler did why thay crippled Germany just like America now WW3 comeing up O Its started allready.



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