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From finding a lump, getting the news, all 5 parts of the initial blog are in one video.
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17 Responses to Osteosarcoma: My teen life with cancer

  • Aaron Darkwood says:

    hey matey. I have 3 months observations and will do I think for up to 5 years, where I have blood tests and chest Xrays, that will continue for a while. There are no signs of return, so at present I am clear thanks.
    Although in the end not a life threatening illness, at the time that doesn't enter into your head. You think the worst, and even thinking the best still results in your man bits being chopped about, and that's not pleasant at all. I wouldn't wish anyone to go through this alone.

  • Aaron Darkwood says:

    Anytime 🙂

  • Adam Sanchez says:

    hey ik how u feel I hate those antibiotics too my anc is low rite now and I have acute lymphoblastic leukemia its in remission. u will get there and when ur done it will be the best feeling:) promise u that

  • Holly Marie says:

    I have neurofibromatosis type 2 but it's a non cancerous tumor and my oncologist is dr Jacobsen too and I live in nc!

  • Farrah Karimzada says:

    I just got osteosarcoma in June and I only have 1 tumor ? but it's not that bad I guess I'm 14 it was my bday 2 weeks ago and my knee is gonna get replaced to 

  • angelica swagg says:

    i also had osteosarcoma. im on my second to last chemo. unfortuantely my left arm was amputated. im almost cancer free at the end of January 2015

  • angelica swagg says:

    omg i had the same chemo as you

  • Nina S says:

    Stay strong girl! Your so inspiring! Xoxo: Nina

  • Katt Robles says:

    I had the same thing i was diagnosed September 2013 and my knee was replaced also it spread through my lungs so i got chemo and it pretty much did its job i am now cancer free ?and i know how you feel it was really hard going through it especially as a teenager. Im 16 going on 17 the 31 . Im glad your cancer free now ?

  • mohamed warsame says:

    Omg I have osteo sarcoma too

  • walshy1009 says:

    In 2008, I discovered a lump in my arm. For two weeks, mum and I waited for results from a cat scan to see whether I had osteosarcoma or osteochondroma. I was very lucky to only have osteochondroma & funnily enough, getting pins back in my arm for the second time next week to have the bone lengthened again. It's very rare and I'm very lucky to have not had osteosarcoma. I read somewhere that if you have osteosarcoma and that if you can't get rid of all of it, there's a 85 to 90% chance of surviving only 5 years. Yikes. I hope you feel better though and that you can move on from this scary part of your life ?

  • Sparkley Phillips says:

    hello, you are very brave, and i think your amazing

  • Sarah Shelby says:

    theres a girl on moviestarplanet acting like you….

  • Optimuss .s says:

    You are so beutiful girl??Im 14 now i want talk with you,really you like me.????? 

  • Supreme Msp says:

    Yay! I'm a cancer survivor brother wrote this on his Facebook: I hope cancer gets cancer than dies

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  • saik0pod says:

    My fiance died of Osteosarcoma, she went through 135 chemos, and 11 major surgeries. She has been battling her cancer since 10 years old, and I've been with her all my life. I'm 24 now and I still love her, and I'm still faithful to her for the rest of my life. I promised her my entire life so she lives through me.



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