This is the 1st blog I've made. I have gotten many requests from subscribers to share more about my personal life so I have done just that!
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8 Responses to Personal Blog #1

  • Julia DesertJewels says:

    Aww, I love you Lucia!! Thank you for being so kind & sweet, I miss you!!
    <3 I'm so glad you like them & I will definitely keep them coming!!

  • sophieperla says:

    Wshing you the best in Las Cruces with your family. You have a really good
    personality and positive attitude.

  • Lucia Gallegos says:

    Love u julia:) don’t be sad! You will do great things no matter where u
    are! I love your videos!!! Keep em coming! 3 lucia g

  • Colton R. Dean says:

    Everyone born and raised in Albuquerque needs to move out at some point in
    their lives. Even if you move back, it gives you a better perspective of
    the world.

  • Mitch Mitchell says:

    Nice job; it takes guts for people to share personal stuff about
    themselves. Good luck to you living in a new place and the pending marriage.

  • Julia DesertJewels says:

    I forgot about that site, thank you so much for reminding me! That is a
    fantastic idea =D Good job on making it 3 days on the cleanse!! The last
    one I did was a while back so I’m considering doing another one soon! I
    miss how clear my mind was… the food has clouded my brain up again, LOL!

  • Julia DesertJewels says:

    I 100% agree with you Colton!! I already feel like a have a different
    perspective of my hometown =D

  • ali reese says:

    Try, it’s a great resource to meet people where you live that
    are into whatever your into. Also, I’m on day 3 of the master cleanse. I’m
    curious how live after the cleanse was and is for you.



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