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There is always a lot going on in the photo video world and sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of new releases, tips and reviews. In the last segment of March’s Trends from the Trenches, Jay P and Lars highlight some of their favorite websites and blogs for photography news. Share the sites you visit for the best news on cameras, techniques and other tricks and then, head on over to to see this month’s full episode. While you are there, sign up for this month’s TSL giveaway!

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Websites and Blogs mentioned in this segment:
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12 Responses to Photography Websites & Blogs

  • Daniel Hughes says:

    I enjoy reading on top of everything else you talked about in this video although iso1200 was a new one for me. Glad i have one more site to add to my morning read. thanks you.

  • sjs says:

    Does anyone have any info on the site "" I was told that it's a great place for photosharing, but I can't find any feedback on it.

  • 13BumbleB says:

    I would have recommended CreativeLive hands down. Honestly I learnt more from that site than any other. Also Retouching Academy is pretty good for the high end retouching niche.

  • SuperDashRendar says:

    Skip the BS and go to 2:00 to see the topic. Seriously, a 7 minute long video does not need 2 minutes of fluff at the beginning. Get that out in the first or second takes or have the editor start the video at the 2:00 mark. Time is money people. :-)

  • dphotos says:

    I have that exact same reflector. I use it for shooting food photography while doing editorial travel shoots. Sometimes it is a pain to carry small pieces of foamcore. It works very well shooing with natural light along with a small travel mirror.

  • Lachlan Murnaghan says:

    My blog!! MurnaghanMedia

  • Alex Valtchev (Алекс Вълчев) says:

    Seriously? Nobody even mentioned !? Shame on you! SLR Lounge are THE BEST at what they do (to me). They are friends with but I find Pye Jirsa to be THE nicest and most entertaining photography person I've seen online. He is such a charismatic photographer and teacher. SLR Lounge are very similar to FStoppers. They both have created online photography community alike.

    #1 SLR Lounge
    #2 FStoppers
    #3 PetaPixel
    #4 DPReviews
    #5 NikonRumors

  • Gracebeliever077 says:

    This is a laughable question because I should know seeing I watch so many of these… But what is Lars' last name? Or where can I find his content as well? Thanks.

  • sasatrif says:
  • Aroundthehousewith Amanda (ATHwithAmanda) says:

    Jared Polin-Fro Knows

  • JW Purdy says:
  • Vicente Schmitt says: from Michael Reichmann is great for all Landscape and fine art plus printing in large format 



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