You will learn how to use Pugly Pixel's Blog Photo Templates. In addition, you will learn how to: 1. Use clipping masks 2. Resize images 3. Add text 4. Learn...

Learn how to quickly and simply create a photography blog template that will drastically speed up your blogging and give your blog images a polished, profess...

3 Responses to Photoshop 101: Blog Photo Templates

  • Wendy Gregory says:

    Thanks so much, this is a great tutorial.

  • Fleur Elly says:

    OOoooh hit the SHIFT key to maintain proportions!! Hahaha I’ve been having
    some wonky pics that were distorted. Now I get it thanks!

  • Alisa Shea says:

    Help! The actual downloadable PSD files do not have folders (to be
    compatible with Elements, you say), so the methods you use to customize the
    caption, for instance, don’t work with the files I downloaded. Suggestions?
    I love how easy it looks in the video… still getting my fee wet with
    Photoshop, though, and not sure how to do it with nothing but the single
    layer in the PSD downloads.



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