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Debating political blogs, looking in particular at Breitbart London. With guests James Delingpole (Spectator columnist) and Owen Jones (The Guardian columnis...

29 Responses to Political blogs will cost you money

  • 1954774 says:

    4.50 he says the left and mentions the Sun and the Mail…lol

  • Jack Foobar says:

    So my takeaway is that Leftists are factless cunts no matter where they

  • 1954774 says:

    Putting aside who you prey to.This sort of thing is a scum broadcast by
    scum people.

  • The Deer says:

    A Socialist from the Cotswolds…Very original.

  • captainhaddock3851 says:

    Breitbart London is a great online read for anyone who is tired of being
    spoon fed the lefty BBC news and the Guardian’s love affair with the EU
    Brussels bubble.

  • Mad Flak says:

    Oh look a nice free internet for everyone. Until the TTIP stomps all over
    it and all that will be available is more state funded bullshit media
    cleverly disguised as a free alternative media site.

  • AWResistance says:

    Delingpole knows the score.

  • WestcountryDude says:

    I see Jones has been practising his timed sniggers for affect. The truth
    was said by James at the end. The facts of life are not prescribed by the
    Owen Jones’s of this world. Nobody buys the Guardian although you’d hardly
    believe it from this clip. Deluded twats.

  • Daniel Wallin says:

    Comment Macht Frei, haha that’s a a good one!

  • Steve Kusaba says:

    Its fun to see your thinking constantly progress. In the words of TM
    “Culture is an intelligence test”. “culture is a luxury that is too
    expensive to afford” So you are correct that a person never knows where the
    low or high is or if price will go up or down. But the skill is to
    understand where you are in relation to physical realities. There are very
    predictable tools in differing time frames. Traders earn a living, they
    must know something about reality! Reversion to the mean is unavoidable.

  • zromulin says:

    If anyone here wants to sell their silver, Ill be more than happy to take
    it off your hands

  • bruno188home says:

    we take it there will be no more SLA uniform then.

  • ilovejimrogers says:

    get it off your chest my son.

  • gudster says:

    Schiff always said gold could go up or down in nominal price… but more
    importantly, that its relative value will be going up against the DOW, to
    about a 1:1 ratio

  • frankwhite2013 says:

    I agree 99.9% of U-tube is garbage & RETARDED majority of silver vids are
    the laughing stock of the investment world. so many stupid people
    pontificating ,& giving investment advise with no proven track record ,or
    exp in the business world wannabe investment brokers they think they are
    BUD FOX! I hope most of the silver vids get cancer. silver-futurist seems
    like a cool dude. but the rest I hope they get ball cancer. giving stupid

  • D. James LaSalle says:

    I buy from the fundamentals of an asset. Until they change, I sleep well at


    when it doesnt harm myself… r my wealth

  • silverfuturist says:

    I decided to let loose and be “angry.” Dumb isn’t a permanent condition and
    it is not for us to be judgemental, I have been dumb also and have some
    dumb in me now.

  • frankwhite2013 says:

    listen everyone has something to sell. that’s always the target. I never
    trusted the silver gold pimps now schiff is saying he could see gold going
    down to 1000 dollars but stated it’s a good buy at 1000k lmao what a tard
    that man is . silver pimps are no better

  • Sal Iguchi says:

    I sense a chop up from Nigel Woods from this most Epic that you have ever
    done, by successfully revealing your own experience and comparing the crash
    JP Morgen campaign Max Kieser to Al-Qaeda Joe 🙂 If it looks like a duck,
    and it quacks like a duck, its probably a duck

  • krillin876 says:

    Hey man I’m drinking some cool – aide right now!

  • ilovety65 says:

    yep,pretty much says it all.

  • lizadfuel says:

    Good video Joe! However, this video offers great material for a chop up…
    only need SS or CC to make one…

  • TadRapidly says:

    the powers that be have done a lousy job of dividing the country. It’s
    typically still 51% to 49%. 😉 What idiots we have been.

  • paddlingfan1 says:

    The unemployment numbers in the 1930s and 40s were based on altogether
    different set of circumstances. I believe we can only judge things by the
    intent of those who had the most shares or control over the markets at that
    point in time. History tells us that those same people have the same
    ideology now that they had then. One World Government controlled by them
    and to hell with everyone else. They are all psychopaths. And no they do
    not care about the well being of the citizens or common folk.

  • hooverdog1957 says:

    I’m of fan of Schiff’s view that the government needs to stay out of
    manipulating the economy and the evils of the FED system, but I don’t
    believe political action is the way to change these things. The government
    is evil plain and simple and people will not wake up to this fact and need
    to be on one side or the other of the two party scam that is politics. The
    state uses aggression, coercion and force to implement its policies and
    until people wake up to this fact we are in a lot of trouble.

  • frankwhite2013 says:

    ok so you are just trolling or just horny?

  • Pietro B says:

    I used a hammer like that today at work! Nothing like a good hammer to
    hammer things with. Silverfuturist, don’t forget the word “future” in your
    name and remember to think longer term. Is it possible that we are headed
    to a future where inflation actually starts to outpace economic growth?
    This is when silver will outpace all market investments over very long
    periods. This is when “investment” in silver will become common practice.
    This is when the market won’t be an inflation hedge…

  • RAMKING61 says:

    ANY numbers submitted by our bogus government are fraudulent. Shadowstats:
    John Williams breaks it down honestly…unemployment rate is 23%.



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