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24 Responses to Putting Amazon Affiliate Links In Kindle Books & Your Blog

  • Samantha Clysdale says:

    I love reading ebooks. My husband bought my first ereader years ago when we
    have our first daughter together and I could not find the time to pick up a
    real book. So he went to and bought me a ereader. I love it so much and 2
    years ago he bought me the one with the light cause he got tired of the
    lamp being on. I still buy physical books but I do love my ebooks more.

  • Michelle Thomas says:

    When your at this stage of motherhood it’s so hard to carry everything for
    baby. I remember those days well. Now my kiddos are on spring break. I got
    maybe a half a book in this week. My reading habits have changed back and
    forth throughout their childhood. You will be excited when he discovers
    Harry Potter. Blessings, Michelle 

  • ksil9927 says:

    I like both. Sometimes I read physical books, sometimes I read ebooks. I
    don’t really see the difference, I mostly care about the story. 

  • athousandlives says:

    Physical books <33

  • singingsmiley2989 says:

    I love Physical Books – If I buy a thick big book I will buy those as a
    Kindle E-Book. It’s hard for me to hold a thick hard back book in my hands
    so for those I buy as a Kindle Book. I have a Kindle Tablet.

    Happy Reading

  • rebeccabec says:

    To me, my house doesn’t feel like a home without a bookcase. These days I
    only buy Graphic Novels, and Classics in physical copy. I MUCH prefer
    reading ebooks. I would never sell my book collection and love looking at
    the books I do own.I don’t buy anymore unless it’s a hardback comic, a
    classic, or an ebook.


    I like reading ”ebooks” becuz it helps me get through the book faster. At
    the same time though, to me; i don’t own the book until i have the physical
    copy(even if i already have the ebook) LOL…WEIRD so i have to buy the
    physical copy. I also just like seeing & feeling the actual colors &
    texture of a physical book. Finally…… PHYSICAL BOOKS=BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!
    there i said it… LOL!!!

  • Michael White says:

    ebooks are the most practical and convenient way to read. because you can
    get apps and download (or borrow from your library with Overdrive) without
    even having to leave your cozy reading spot.

  • Jennifer K says:

    I will read both but I prefer physical books. The ebooks on my kobo that I
    want to read aren’t cheaper then a physical copy. Plus I love having a big

  • Mohi Ahmed says:

    I know it’s morally questionable but for the past year i’ve just been
    downloading free ebooks onto my iphone from various website. Epubbud,
    Wapfever and Tuebl to name a few… Initially i stumbled upon it by
    accident, now I don’t know. Free books I guess. 

  • Vicky Jonas says:

    I prefer e-books actually. I’m not a big book buyer, I only buy a physical
    book if I’m really interested, but even if I’m interested on them I find
    harder to sit and read the physical book, while the e-books, I can read
    them anywhere, anytime, on my phone, Ipad etc… and also I read them more
    quickly Idk why. E-books also help me to read really long books, because I
    don’t feel that intimidated by them.
    I buy physical copies of my favourite books, and I have re-read them on
    that format but it’s not because I like more reading that way, it’s more
    for sentimental reasons lol, just to have the book on my shelf.

  • OrUptotheStars says:

    Reading is reading. No need to feel guilty based on the format. I love
    physical books, but ebooks are SO MUCH EASIER to move. Books are heavy.

  • Courtney Coco says:

    Physical books.

  • bardura87bngl2 says:

    I love having my favorite (physical) books in my books shelves, I get happy
    just looking at them but e books are definitely my favorites. Thanks to the
    e-boks; it’s easier to get rid of a book that annoys you or a series that
    turns out to bad. It’s easier to read. Easier to hold. Easier to buy and
    access to a book. You can take it anywhere. Nowadays, I only buy physical
    books when I’m absolutely absolutely sure I’ll never end up hating the
    book/the series. The nostalgie factor is also important for me. If I love
    the book I’ll definitely buy the physical copy :)

  • Rosaly Sommer says:

    Does anyone else like the idea of an e-book but just can’t stand them? Like
    I get very frustrated with them and put them down without any desire to
    pick them back up again because I just hate the way it feels to hold them
    and the way it all looks on a screen and it makes my eyes hurt and…ok
    rant over

  • I, Adaora says:

    I am like that little girl or boy (there were more than one!)in the taco
    commercials who asks”why not both?” (before being lifted up into the air by
    a crowd). Seriously: an e-reader (whether you use your phone or a different
    device) makes it so that you can carry a weightless book en route to your
    house or your job. But at home, I want to curl up on my reading chair, turn
    on the fireplace, and get lost in a paperback book. I have to have a home
    library. There is a time and a place for everything! Love!

  • Sara G says:

    I used to be 100% in the physical book camp and then I got a Kindle
    Paperwhite. Over the past year, I’ve slowly transitioned to more on the
    e-book side. If you just wait several months to a year to buy books, you
    can get e-books on sale for only a few dollars (I just got the entire
    Selection series on e-book for $8 a few months ago). Also, I don’t
    understand why more people aren’t using/talking about the Overdrive app.
    You can check out kindle books for FREE from your library. They have lots
    of new releases (Red Queen, I Was Here, etc) and you can put 10 books on
    hold at a time/check 10 books out at a time. Why aren’t more people doing
    this and then buying the books in physical form that are their favorites? I
    see so many people hauling 20+ physical books every month and then
    unhauling tons of physical books every few months. Such a waste of money
    (even if you get good deals, it still adds up over time)!

  • Sian Roullier says:

    great video. I’ve had a kindle for 3 years now. Love the cost, no room
    taken up and speed of getting it. I can’t afford physical books or haven’t
    got the room. If I really want to collect a series I save up.

    I love how you get the book straight away, it doesn’t take up room in your
    bag and I can flip between books if I’m getting bored. And I love the price
    and the deals you can get. 

  • elepop says:

    I feel like people are taking this topic way too seriously. Who says you
    have to be one or another? You don’t need to feel guilty for not buying
    physical books or justify buying books or ebooks. I don’t really think it’s
    a “debate”! I personally only buy physical books. I actually disagree, I
    don’t think ebooks are inexpensive. I would much rather spend money on a
    physical book which is around $12-15 instead of paying for something
    digital that is $9-12. And besides, I can find a lot of books that I want
    to read for $3-4 (and sometimes they are hardbacks!) so it’s a no brainer
    for me, physical books it is!

  • Jessyca Robin says:

    I think one of the most important adjustments to being a mom, is
    remembering to make time for yourself. If reading is your downtime (it is
    mine, that is how i destress), do not worry about how you read! If eBooks
    are working for you right now, then atleast you are reading. My daughter
    just turned 13 months. I think I only read eBooks the first 6 months of her
    life, because she was a light sleeper, and very fussy. Noah will get older,
    and become a little more independent and things will slow down. Enjoy it
    for now, and do whatever works for you!

  • Layla Aref says:

    I would love to read Ebooks but i don’t have an E-reader and i’ve always
    loved physical books

  • Bookables says:

    The debate is on! Which method of reading do you prefer??

  • Rich Henson says:

    That answered several questions. Thank You!

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