Answering a question from Toni where she asked what she can do to get more blog traffic. Sharing tips and recommendations for you! More down below...

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Typical blog growth sucks because it takes forever to get to a point where we can utilize our traffic for things like advertising and selling information products.

Using strategies such as guest posts, social networking, social bookmarking, and link exchanges, we can drastically increase the amount of traffic coming to our blogs in less amount of time.

The video will show you visually how this works, on a graph.

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33 Responses to Q&A: How Can I Get More Blog Traffic?

  • Chris Paulus says:

    Great Post..Traffic is the key to success

  • Tim Hague says:

    Thanks Pat:)

  • MrCrystiToma says:

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  • Security Management Job says:

    Cool vid Pat thanks !!! Speak soon!


  • Awad Awada says:

    Have you tried Smarter Money Maker? (do a google search for it) It is a fast way to make extra money fast

  • Tommy Daspit says:

    Thanks for the video and for everything else that you are doing. I'm working hard everyday to implement your lessons!

  • zockedi warholian says:

    It is reassuring for new bloggers to know that it is usual for traffic to take forever to grow – and see the ways we can fight this. Pleased to see social networks as a way of creating traffic – I favour and I would love to hear from others about good blogs which accept guest posting? My area is technology blogging.

  • aria nina says:

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  • Matteo Filippucci says:

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  • Smith James L says:


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  • Eric Baglio says:

    Very nice video. I watched your video about simulating video scribe earlier and it's pretty neat to see it in action here. Guest posting is indeed a great way to bring in traffic. Congratulations on your site, I've been combing through it quite a bit today and have it bookmarked now.

  • lewis matthev says:

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  • Spook SEO says:

    Hey, Pat! You have done a great job in this presentation. I can no longer ask for more. I guess I will have to follow your strategies from this day on. I learned that it will not always be easy to get thousands of people on your site. You just have to be patient to get it.

  • James Abell says:

    This is interesting. I've only really used my blog to post any videos I make and random photos. I think now, it is time to spend some more time on my blog and look at the strategies here. One thing I propose to do is to outline/storyboard my screencasts and tutorials on my blog. That way, it compacts the information in my screencasts for people to get the general message of the video. Anyone has any opinions on this type of use for a blog? :)


    great insights

  • 9,699,960 views says:


  • Abriella Sudela says:

    I have gaming blog and looking for someone who wants to develop blog together. P.M skype- sindijs1

  • THE GREAT INC. says:

    And the vid was great

  • Janette Getui says:

    This is a really wonderful channel, I love what you've created here and will definitely be following you. Your tips are also very simple and practical which is how I always like things 🙂 Keep up the good work xoxo

  • Lewuga Benson says:

    Thank you for this….although it was two years ago, it was so so helpful and relevant!

  • Jon salazar says:

    Hi… cool videos . I would like to know if I really can make a living of blogs ? I been working all my life and I really don't have time for family because I work a lot can you help me Please?

  • Musa Hasan says:

    Great, it's very helpful, thanks.

  • Junnavi Racaza says:

    New subbie!

  • Amanda Rahfaldt says:

    How do I get companies to send me products?

  • flatcaps caricature and cartoon practice says:

    you do very helpful videos keep it up

  • NeutralStar says:

    Hi , I have a blog and need a customized theme. Are u able to advice on this ? I hear u make custom themes

  • Mat Rabi “Madmotorsport” Ismail says:

    Love you…

  • Ajit kumar says:

    hey can you please help me ? i am a blogger and i posted about 12 to 15 blog. but i don know to to make it popular and effective or on which topic we have to do blog and make money .i already connected my blogger account to the Adsense account but not earning any money.
    so please help

  • Anisha Jain says:

    i hav a blog and i dont know what to write about..i feel like am lacking inspiration


    Thanks for the great info!❤️



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