Here's a quick garden tour of what's still blooming in our Wisconsin Garden. We just could not resist giving these beautiful floral blooms their due and want...

Square Foot Gardening

Learn how to build a square foot garden. Buy M-Braces: Watch More Videos:
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28 Responses to Quick Garden Tour – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 404

  • foxyred303 says:

    Where did you get the end brackets

  • Judi Rae says:

    What do you mean by succession planting? 

  • Luz Padilla says:

    Why the instructions on the water? Why no cold water? I use the hose, but
    frankly my peppers are not doing to well. 

  • Hert teta says:

    So all I need is that compost? Do I need to mow the sand under the compost

  • Evangelos Beardall says:

    And when your plant dies in one of your 12″ squares, cry over it and make
    it “the weeping square” haha :P

  • thornbottle says:

    Sorry for the ignorance but I have heard peat based compost is bad because
    harvesting it is destroying ancient environmental spaces that take 1000’s
    of years to recover. I have been told not to use peat based compost, so as
    you are an organic farmer that cares about the environment, why do you use
    peat based compost?

  • jackie heta says:

    hi there where can you purchase the edge braces many thanks

  • jackie heta says:

    hi patricia where can i purchase the end braces from .

  • TraditionallySouthern says:

    I love the end braces for the box. Very nice instructional video.

  • hurdman says:

    I use at least three feet between beds. When plants mature in beds they
    will really restrict your movement in isles.

  • Bubblegum Kitty says:

    You have a beautiful garden.

  • WisconsinGarden says:

    That is very kind of you. Thanks for visiting. Lynn

  • WisconsinGarden says:

    Sometimes you have to be that radical to get rid of trouble. Good idea to
    try the baking soda first. Keep a close watch on them and hit them with it
    at first sign of the mildew. Do the ones all around it too to protect them
    before it starts. Lynn

  • WisconsinGarden says:

    Thank you for your sweet comment and for visiting our channel. Lynn

  • snookie65 says:

    Gorgeous as always! I just never get tired of seeing it on video or in
    person. Might have to pop over and bring you some bread or rolls soon. 😉
    BTW, the purple and white Iris are spectacular! I have questions about a
    few Irises I have, will have a chat when we see you next.

  • WisconsinGarden says:

    Thank you and thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comment. Lynn

  • WisconsinGarden says:

    Thank you, you are very sweet. Would love to have you visit and take home a
    big bunch of flowers. Thanks for watching and just keep planting things you
    like. Lynn

  • lanatur says:

    I absolutely love that blue almost Delphinium looking plant. Have you
    discovered its name yet?

  • Damiandel Rey says:

    iwish you had more tour videos ilovethem allso much im half of your views
    on all of your videos

  • Neetu Singh says:

    Great video!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all the

  • berrysherry34 says:

    Love the garden and love your hair also…………

  • Mad Sweeney says:

    That blue flowering plant at about 3:00 is a Baptisia. I am enjoying your
    garden video and have subscribed. Thanks for showing your garden.

  • Damiandel Rey says:

    i can’t stop watching this video all is soo beautiful 

  • Heather Peters says:

    Love your garden. So beautiful. Such a reflection of the type of incredible
    person I imagine you to be:)

  • Damiandel Rey says:

    I have to say this video ismy favorite now i can’t wait to see anew tour
    video a real one this spring from you i love both kinds of those peonies,
    you have a lot lol oiv never seen amorepretty garden, so inspired gorgeous
    your garden is , is that the only kind of peonies you have? there so
    pretty what do they smell like ?
    the allium plants wow…. how cool are they!!!!!

  • Adrienne V says:

    Wow that honeysuckle vine grew! How’s the trumpet vine, any flowers yet?

  • Wise Student says:

    Did I see Hostas in full sun ??? They are shade tolerant, but full sun

  • Ellie Norris says:

    Who wants to watch a garden tour



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