Had a moment of inspiration and decided to read my old teenage poetry blog... cringe. ∂σи'т нαтє тнє ρℓαуα, нαтє тнє gαмє.

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14 Responses to Reading My Teen Poetry Blog | Lucy Moon

  • littlebitofrachel says:

    I've been writing poetry since I was 14 and I'm 16 now and about to publish my first collection/chapbook c:

  • Guilty Pleasure says:


  • Andy.J Merlinlover says:

    can I be you? marry you? ya know, whatever.

  • Eclipsa Moon says:

    I love you girl keep up the great work.

  • Alexander Olinger says:

    Nice poetry!

  • virthues says:

    my poetry page is on instagram @virthues x

  • simply gaby says:

    I love writing little poems, memories for the future, capturing the moments for later i love it !

  • MyChemicalStealYourHeart :/ says:

    I started writing poetry because of you! I've written a bit and I'm practicing everyday to make it better.

  • Emma Kelly says:

    I genuinely loved your poems wow

  • zxcnjfrsfg says:

    No poems is underserved, as the inspired words bring value to their existence.

  • Ashadullaha Himu says:

    http://himusomachar.blogspot.com/ bangla and english poem special

  • E says:

    These are so good it’s not even fair

  • zigaudrey says:

    I notice that your name mean ''MoonLight''.
    I haven't a poetry blog (I am looking the french emo-themed poetry blog) but I started writing them after finishing school.
    I begin to write to improve my native language,which it's French, and I use French lesson to write them. Poetry is the first art you ever analyse. Does this hapenned in your country? Studying the poetry litteracy in class?

    Poetry is a fascinating work of art, it is a speech into verse. Between words lie a thought or a pain that our mind translate it.
    In FictionPress, I have analyse a lot of French poetries and I found hidden gem.
    My account is Zigaudrey, you need translation, my all works are French!
    Isn't Poetry a powerful cure for you soul?

    In France, we have french poet like Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, Cyrano de Bergerac, Paul Valery which give good inspiration.
    You can says that French is a poetic country, even Italia (for Sonnet) and England (for Shakespears).

    My next challenge is not be envious on how they are using word to express them. Words aren't mean to be famous. My life is guided by jalousy, unfortunaly.

  • overboardjulia says:

    don't make fun of poetry, even if its your own

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