Real Estate Agent Marketing Coach, Brent Cramp, talks exclusively about how to write better content for real estate blogs and real estate Facebook ads.

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Real estate advertising is no longer a luxury ... it's a necessity.

Write better ads and content for your real estate website and Facebook ads.

Feeling completely overwhelmed by real estate marketing?
Do you wish someone could make it easier to do your own?
Have you subscribed to "all the tools" and seen very few results?

We all put the cart before the horse ... it's not the tool that's the problem ... it's the message. No one teaches how to craft responsive messages ... until now ... Meet 10XPS! - Download the worksheets from this video at the previous link.

This video is a number of clips from a 3-hour, Day 1 presentation to 27 real estate agents in New Jersey.

Topics covered in this video include:
Ads for Realtors
Real Estate Advertising Tips
Real Estate Facebook Ads
How to Write for Real Estate
Realtor Marketing Tips
Realtor Marketing Ideas
Keller Williams Marketing
Keller Williams Advertising Ideas
Keller Williams Facebook Ads
Keller Williams Profit Share
Facebook Advertising Ideas
Real Estate Marketing Coach
And More!

Active member of the Lab Coat Agent Facebook Group and Listings-to-Leads Mastermind.

2 Responses to Real Estate Advertising – How to Write Content for Your Website, Ads, Blog and More

  • Elena Valdivia says:

    This video is extremely helpful! Not to mention I took 5 pages of notes and I wasn't even in the class lol 😩😹

  • Jay Rodriguez says:

    I'm at Keller, and I'm a star at this shhhh… but I feel like these seminars are to long.. I want to coach…



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