Revolutionary New Mobile Blogging Platform.
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  • Sharon Naraine says:

    yes outright stupid lol

  • SilenzzzeHD says:

    liked liked liked

  • PonziEliminator says:

    This is definitely a pyramid scheme. I listened to this scammer talk and
    talk, but nothing of VALUE was ever discussed. All I hear is hype and how
    money is made, etc…. Nothing about the products. Maybe a few things. What
    people are failing to realize is that Tumblr and WordPress are FREE. Yes,
    you pay $25 or whatever they claim to get in. But the upsells are
    ridiculous. You end up paying a little over $5,000 for this scam. I’d
    highly advise avoiding this. Keep your hard earned money!!

  • Peter Chung says:

    the mobile app is too cool~ excited to see how everything functions at

  • Jason Nichols says:

    You are an idiot…

  • Jason Nichols says:

    Ponzi Eliminator that is.

  • Brent Parker says:

    Awesome! This new blogging platform CRUSHES…no OBLITERATES WordPress,
    etc. The business concept is ridiculously amazing! The training is top
    notch! The Leaders are The Real Deal! I made $3500 promoting Empower for
    about 20 hours! I was 3 months old online. Thank you Dave and Dave! You

  • Patrick Christian says:

    Well if your profile pic tells a story….NUFF SAID!! LOLO Sheeeepole!!
    Gotta love the haters lolo

  • Patrick Christian says:

    Your a kuckelhead 70 million paid out Duh?? lolo Rather than be a hater why
    don’t you check it out and actually do some research!!! Than you can join
    with my team will we will get you back thinking positively!! 🙂 lol

  • PonziEliminator says:

    Yup. I just did. It’s the same scammers everytime. So tired of them taking
    hard working people’s money.

  • PonziEliminator says:


  • Patrick Christian says:

    thought lol duh lolo

  • Patrick Christian says:

    I am surprised I though computers help make people smarter?? lolo 🙂 170000
    people with in the company is not a scam. Do your homework lazy woooosie!!

  • darkwiz666 says:

    ….If he bought the comments with Fiverr, can you please link to a gig
    that doesn’t violate Fiverr’s TOS?

  • Denise Ouellette says:

    a little bit too long to start, but a good lesson for us : be patient.
    thanks anyway for this new starting .

  • Denise Ouellette says:

    ok, I got into it, thanks you guys for your personal stories, it helps and
    feel that we are all human persons, as ask on internet.

  • Denise Ouellette says:

    I am late, Dave, on Sept. 30, but listen at it only on the 22nd of
    October…! That’s me !

  • Denise Ouellette says:

    the vision, the visionary, powerful,leaders, those are the words I retain
    for the moment

  • Denise Ouellette says:

    What a video, lots of lessonsand happy experiences. Change the world : Do
    it !

  • Rebecca Lara says:

    I been through enough sorry dude

  • Regi King says:

    Sounds like you been rode hard and put up wet….8{(

  • chris neely says:

    98% of EN members make under 1000 a year while making Wood and Sharpe

  • Jayarajesh Akineani says:


  • Ban The Bean Counter says:

    Ever feel like your business is never in the right place at the right time?

    If you have a business, any business, website or blog that uses social
    media, I am going to give you one piece of advice, you need to know about
    this. This new ENV2 bloging platform is not just an online presence, it’s
    also a mobile platform, that you can use on your phone on the go. Instead
    of slaving away for hours, old school is about to disappear! Empower
    Network not only has the network & the leverage to get you there; but this
    is going to become a viral bloging platform that you can make some serious

    I was not going to start advertising this until later this week.
    However… Take note! This is not only going to saturate the market, but it
    is going to be total Internet saturation! This tool & product has NEVER
    existed before! Or has achieved the same results as any other company…
    Empower Network has rewritten the book on Internet Marketing.

    When the Beast is Unleashed; all other platforms are seriously going to
    become obsolete, or disappear!. Listen to what Dave Sharp is saying on this
    video. In fact watch this video closely…

    Think about Steve Jobs, if you had the chance to jump in and buy shares at
    Apple before they turned the business around, you would be a millionaire
    now. Well use this as an analogy…

    I am giving you one serious business tip. You seriously need to be a part
    of this, if you want to get where you want to be & have the potential to
    make some serious money. You need to get grandfathered in to ENV2..

    Look, I know what you are thinking; there is a ton of Internet Marketing
    out there, I have wasted money on plenty, chasing that dream.. I made some
    money, but I lost more than I made.. Now, I am making a prediction here, &
    it has already started to happen. All those so called gurus from other
    companies are now copying EN original system of 100% commissions. WHY?
    Because it WORKS!!

    Now I wasn’t going to start marketing this until later this week, but
    basically this is the deal. It is not hard, when you join Empower Network,
    you just need to follow the steps, your hand will be held & you will be
    shown everything you need to know to succeed. Vick Strizheus is an amazing
    mentor.. Yet let’s cut the crap, this really does work, no questions, no
    doubt, it really is too good to be true!

    Personally, before I became part of the family at Big Idea Mastermind &
    Empower Network; I had friends messaging me constantly to jump on board. As
    I had a serious shoulder problem & could not work or run my fitness
    business; yet I thought no, not another one, not another fake guru.. Well
    honestly, and I am talking to you from my heart, what an idiot I was.
    Before I jumped in, I went back to work, injured myself even worse, &
    couldn’t work… Bills backing up, wages to pay. So I though, stuff it, it
    isn’t a big outlay to see what is going on. Oh my Lord, how grateful am I
    to those friends today….

    Already there is a big waiting list for this product.. So if you wish to
    become part of the next major blogging or social media option contact me
    at; & follow the links.

    I am telling you this honestly, don’t wait, I have never been in better
    hands, this company has not only been successful for me, but has made
    people a hell of a lot of money. Now I am not going to go into the usual
    doctored sales lists that most of the competition throws in your face..
    When you become an affiliate, you will see that what the real sales &
    profit list looks like.

    This is the right place & the right time, if you want a lifestyle of
    freedom, go to today, in fact now, so you can get in
    before everyone else. On release date, the system will be overloaded, you
    won’t get a chance..

    Seriously this is not only a movement, this is revolutionary… You really
    can be sitting on the beach with a phone or laptop or better yet, asleep, &
    making money.
    #banthebeancounter #empowernetwork #bigideamastermind 

  • thesimplisticseth says:

    Professional con artist!

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