The total amount of momentum in a closed system is constant. Some examples of closed systems include: marbles colliding or two bumper cars bouncing off each other. Momentum is the mass of an object multiplied by its speed. If two cars collide, the momentum of the system (car one plus car two) is the same after collision as it was before collision. Each car might have a different speed after colliding, but the total momentum is the same, it does not increase or decrease. This is known as conservation of momentum.
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Richard Garriott demonstrates how magnets act in space using two magnets to see if, in microgravity, they interact with each other the same way they do on the surface of the Earth; if magnetic forces act at a distance; and where do they point. Magnetism is one of the fundamental forces. A magnet is a material or an object that produces a magnetic field that extends out from a magnet and can exert a force at a distance. A compass uses a magnet that can spin easily and can be used to determine directions. The Earth has a magnetic field that caused it to act like a giant magnet.
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