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12 Responses to Simple Blog With Slim 2

  • Sean Whelan says:

    How would you make it so the recent posts come up at the top, instead of the bottom?

  • meisam zaferany says:

    Hi… please next tutorial make simple ORM class … Thanks so much

  • David Gray says:

    Very well put together!

  • Jamie Bonnett says:

    Can you make a route for a web server without .htaccess / url_rewrite?

  • Alnel Surpia says:

    i need help. can figure out this error. Class 'SlimSlim' not found

  • Rafaell Lycan says:

    @Codecourse I want to see something about Silex too. Is it possible?

  • Tony Therm says:

    I searched a lot of tutorials. I saw that is one of the best. Then i see the name and it is Alex Garrett. Now it is the best tutorial!!! Respect Alex!!! My opinion: Alex is the best!

  • Max Torri says:

    Stuck with this error for hours ! I've tried just about everything (even the most improbable, out of clues). " file_get_contents(app/views/home.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory". Obviously the directory is there and the file as well !

  • Nelson Álvarez says:

    I'm new to php an is so sad to see that frameworks are not to make things easier, but to complicate them more… 🙁

  • Ibrahim Samad says:

    I get cannot access private property "SlimApp::$container in ….". I am using slim 3. What might be the likely cause?

  • Duncan Sterken says:

    can you make a updated version of this? I can't seem to get it working with the new versions and I keep getting application errors without a stack trace

  • Booshotti says:

    I have just started using SLIM, This is a great tutorial! I learn better actually seeing a functional website and then be able to correlate your methods with my own to learn. Great stuff!

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