Recycling plastic containers make a great simple seed starter. Now that spring has arrived but it's still too cold to plant outside, it's a good time to star...
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12 Responses to Simple Seed Starter – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 486

  • Melissa Molina says:

    LUV ur videos ;)

  • Shari Doe says:

    Hi Lynn. I’m also in Wisconsin an starting my first large garden do you
    have any tips for fast compost or a homemade fertilizer? Should I be
    starting to put seeds out now? And one more question! My seedlings in my
    greenhouse are at a stand still and starting to wilt an fall, should I
    restart with seeds in my garden? 

  • Travus Baker says:

    good stuff

  • Shari Doe says:

    Wow thank you for the advise! Yesterday I went and bought pretty much
    everything you suggest in your videos. I made a compost tea and new soil
    mix. I ran a fan do. 3 hours and this morning my plants are now standing up
    and looking quite perky!! I also bought and made my own worm condo sot hank
    you for your great videos:) today I’m making your tomato mix and can’t wait
    to see more videos! 

  • Juana Gonzalez says:

    hi i have a question i planted some seeds (tomatoes zuchini cucumbers and
    peas)and they grew and i would like to know if its to early to take them

  • Joshua Peyer says:
  • kimbkay says:

    I never heard of the heating pad before. Where do you get those. My seeds
    never take but I was gonna try again this year. Just got a shop light and
    daylight bulb. How I do better this year. Lol

  • gail baker says:

    great idea Lynn. . 

  • Susan Fryer says:

    Good video thankyou will get started

  • LARK'S GARDENS says:

    Great recycling! Lynn, do you think that you have to have lights on the
    newly planted seedlings?

  • Damiandel Rey says:

    i need to try this
    i also love to eat fried chicken
    what a smart idea i love do it yourself projects #diy #simpleprojects
    #greenshouse #goodidea #smart #goodvideo 

  • memberson says:


    I have a better way check, my videos on flowerpots.



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