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25 Responses to So You Want To Be A Blogger | Blogging Tips For Noobs: EP.1 Starting Off

  • Skyler Johnstone says:

    How many views is a lot?

  • Caroline Bartholomew says:

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  • Matt Long says:

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  • Holli Murray says:

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  • vanessareece says:

    Awesome video Billy. Looking forward to more videos from you.

  • Katharina Bille says:

    Or you could use Tumblr.

  • leo sanchez says:

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  • MrYouSoftware says:

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  • Egor Buduyan says:

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  • Simon Daniel-Cesair says:

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  • Alicia Soekawa says:

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  • Dyan Ramos says:

    Awesome . this is helpful,thanks.

  • Ghena Santiago says:

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  • Ralfs G says:

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  • WonderUnicorn says:

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  • Hafsa Abdo says:

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  • A. Fugal says:

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