Starting A Blog Using Blogger

This tutorial illustrates how to start your own blog using Blogger. Blogger is free, and it easy to start your own "" blog with this popular appl...
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11 Responses to Starting A Blog Using Blogger

  • Diana M. Rodriguez says:
  • Atif Mansoor says:

    what software you are using for video recording

  • Cassiie May says:


  • alllaughs25 says:

    i am 13 yrs old and want to start an advice blog am i to young to start

  • Dmitri Romanovsky says:

    I was using blogger too… But i decided to be more professional, so i
    decided to start working with wordpress, there is a lot of videos that
    shows how to create a blog in wordpress, and there is alot good looking
    themes, and helpful plugins, and google search really like wordpress
    websites. I just purchased a cheap host server from hostgator, and there is
    “auto website” tool, that creates you a wordpress website!

  • ArthurawrZ says:

    Can you help get a audience to profit?

  • brooklyn walker says:

    This was sooooo helpful thanks a load !!!!

  • Richard Tay says:

    great content, high quality video , it’s worth to take a look.

  • Eddie23g says:

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  • Bryan Tabares says:

    im stucked at confirming profile

  • Srinivasa char A V says:

    Thanks a lot about your useful tutorial for starting a Blog using Blogger !



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