Surviving The First Day of Kindergarten! | Teacher Vlog Ep. 9

This past week was my very first week of school as a teacher!
I think it went really well, and it was quite fun 🙂

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This is a semi-typical day in the life of a 3rd grade, first year teacher. I tried to be as transparent as possible to show you exactly what a typical day looks like!! If you have an questions or comments please let me know 🙂

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25 Responses to Surviving The First Day of Kindergarten! | Teacher Vlog Ep. 9

  • Amanda Inman says:

    I am in my last year of college to be a teacher! I am so excited but nervous. Teaching is completely different from anything I have EVER done in my life! So next year, if I'm lucky enough to get a job right away, I will be a first year teacher too. You sound so confident like you've been doing this for…ever lol. Thanks for this.

  • Haylee Lynn says:

    I'm about to start my senior year of college and will be starting my student teaching program in the next couple of months. I was assigned a third grade class and this video made me even more excited and gave me a ton of ideas that I could use to incorporate into my own classroom! Thank you for sharing!

  • Iconic • says:

    Just a random school pet peeve, when teachers overload the walls with posters. It just bothers me. If I become a teacher I’d want my room to be a little more plain including colors like tan brown and gold to match the already tan room.

  • Ash Birch says:

    Hey, I'm in my first year of uni for secondary ed, and in one of my units we talked about classroom management and setting up a classroom for both primary and secondary. was just wondering why some students had the green bouncy balls and the rest have chairs?? is this so they don't rock on them or….

  • Skylar Noelle says:

    30:47 plot twist😂😂

  • LSUFAN101 says:

    When I grow up I plan to be a middle school or high school history teacher my 6th grade history teacher has inspired me to become a teacher

  • lisa gullstrom says:

    Oh my gosh I went to an IB school as a kid and watching your vlogs really brings me back!

  • Magdalie Mexile says:

    I’m binge watching your videos and I don’t ever really plan on becoming a teacher 😂😂 I’m about to be a sophomore in college and this is making me miss elementary school so much. Sitting out during recess was the absolute worst!

  • Amanda Armor says:

    I like your blurt beans. When I taught 7th grade several years ago I had that issue. Lol…I eventually just put a piece of paper in front of them and said write down what you want to say to me and at the end I will ask for hands and call on a few of you share/ask questions from your papers.

  • Adriana Reyes says:

    Oh my goodness. I don’t know why but it never occurred to me how much planning and prepping goes into a lesson. It’s my senior year of university. My last year of classes. My roommates are liberal arts majors and it just never clicked. Thank you 😭😭😭 for all your hard work. I remember learning multiplication and division. Thanks Mr. Hudson.

  • Phoebe Kiekhofer says:

    you are so amazing at what you do!!! as an aspiring teacher, i love watching your vlogs 🙂

  • Nicole Derke says:

    I think it is so awesome that they learn Spanish!!

  • LAV dur says:

    You look so much like mirellabellebeauty! Anyway, I'm a senior in high school right now, and I am planning on being a kindergarten teacher. I'm glad I found your channel. You're adorable! 🙂

  • Oh Myiah says:

    I'd love to be a kindergarten teacher when I graduate high school.

  • MiniMind says:

    great channel and info! New friends here = )

  • ALYSSA PEARL says:

    Wow you are so beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • TheHarrisFour says:

    My twins are starting kindergarten in the fall so I've been watching different school vlogs. Thanks for sharing

  • weirdo xoxo says:

    Please please notice me….. It's been my dream since i was eight to be a kindergarten teacher…. I'm almost 17 now

  • marie cats says:

    I love you teach

    (My mommy help me write

  • Cale Sanders says:

    You seem like a great kinder teacher. You are such a awesome person you seem so friendly

  • Little Rooted Minds says:

    Some of the best teacher stories are first day ones – I know one of my favorite teaching stories comes from the first day of my second year of teaching first grade

  • Erin Nandin says:

    Where did you get that top from

  • TurboRocket Fan says:


  • Denisse Rosales says:

    I love your videos, I am also starting my first year as a teacher next week and I´m catching all the tips that I could use at my class, and I just wanted to ask, if you use the bell ringer to rotate the centers or just to change activity?
    I really love your job and how you explain it, greetings from Mexico

  • Whitakers Way says:

    When you speed up the video is that a x2 X 4 or X10 thanks



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