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Teacher Buying Supplies For Students When Man In Line Says 4 Words That Leave Her In Tears

Texas teacher Sabrina Drude was getting ready for the new school year by buying some supplies at Walmart. Her shopping cart filled with hundreds of notebooks, pencils, and markers, she was anticipating some annoyed fellow shoppers as she made her way to the checkout line. What she got instead left her in tears.

As Sabrina began to check out, a man behind her in line, Lester Brown, started asking her some questions. Noticing that she didn’t have any children with her, he was curious as to why she would need so many school supplies.

Sabrina explained that she is a teacher at a middle school in a very low socioeconomic area in San Antonio and many of her students can’t afford the supplies they need, so she was purchasing the necessities for them.

Lester was so touched by what Sabrina was doing for her students that he offered to pay for everything in her cart. She thanked him but said she couldn’t accept his money.

As the total came up on the cash register, though, Lester jumped between Sabrina and the cashier with money in hand.

“Put your wallet away,” he told Sabrina.

“I just started crying,” the touched teacher recalled later. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”

When Sabrina asked Lester why he wanted to pay for the supplies, he told her, “Because teachers don’t get the recognition that they deserve.”

Throughout the year, many teachers spend quite a bit of their own money for the benefit of the students in their classes. Though they receive a 0 tax deduction, Sabrina said that doesn’t even put a dent into what they put into their classrooms.

As the school year begins, Sabrina plans to tell her class about Lester’s kind deed.
“This is exactly the type of person I want to influence my kids to be,” she said, adding that she plans to invite Lester to a class pizza party. “I want him to inspire my kids just like he inspired me; if any of my kids grew up to be half the man he is I’d be very proud.”
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20 Responses to Teacher Buying Supplies For Students When Man In Line Says 4 Words That Leave Her In Tears

  • Paul Bordelon says:

    Where is our media??? Why do they only report on division and violence and not what most off us experience…humanity regardless of race, sex, etc.??

  • Made in America says:

    Aawhh Lesters so sweet!!!

  • Jew_world Order says:

    Oh he gave me 100$ that's the sweetest thing ever !

  • antonia verheijen says:

    O amazing

  • Knight192 says:

    please tell your poor students not to rob and assault people cause it bees wrong

  • prime suspect says:

    SALUTE to the teacher in Lester special SALUTE to all teachers across the world

  • Mike Konyndyk says:

    So you don't even post a video, just a feel good story. Teacher Drude and Lester Brown, who wouldn't like the yarn you spun. How sad and pathetic.

  • not bright says:

    he wanted to hit it comeon

  • Pernection says:

    but yet people want lottery tickets for some personal gain knowing that the money goes to education instead of just having a volunteer or nonvolenteer tax

  • Malik B says:

    If she had asked me why I did it, I would have said:

    " I like what you're doing and your heart is in the right place as a Teacher. Also, Ima Black Man and I LOVE White Women. Can a brother get a date when you have time?"


  • Keith Purdue says:

    Lester, you are a Real man. Thank you!

  • Kieth Stone says:

    I have spent time trying to figure the best ways to give back. I.E. Red cross, homeless shelter, homeless directly, ect. I find huge flaws in each one. Giving to someone that is helping people directly with her own money seems like good logic to me. Maybe tell her that if she loads all this in her car and still feels like using her own money, to go buy more. Lester purchased a lot of good karma for just $100. The robot voice is meh, but the message is loud and clear. Beautiful story, Ty.

  • Rideeon says:


  • Donna Healy says:

    We need more compassionate teachers and generous Lester's in the world!!!

  • Adam Greene says:

    Enough with the click baits titles and auto voice!!!

  • sk & Asia says:

    It's just I will buy them

  • zudemaster says:

    Big black buck is just looking for some white muhpussy is all. Why did they leave out the part about how he followed her out to her car and attempted to rape her?

  • JAMES W. HOUSTON says:


  • User2718218 says:

    If you are a parent no matter what your socioeconomic status and you "can't afford" school supplies for your child, it's a LIE, and you don't deserve to be a parent.

  • Mathew F Blackman says:

    Kids can't afford school supplies??? I love teachers, my sister is one, but she is enabling her own plight by allowing the parents of the children and the local school board to continually take advantage of her. Not likely to change.



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