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15 Responses to The 3 Types Of Blog Posts That Get The Most Views (+ 50 Free Post Ideas!)

  • Rebecca Rodriguez says:

    Hello, could you possibly make a video on how to organize finances for solopreneurs? I am wanting to start a blog, etsy shop, possibly a youtube channel. I'm wondering how you track your different income streams? Do you separate them as different businesses or do they all go into the same pot?

  • Zeta230 says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I was running out of ideas and want to get back into blogging.

  • ilikejumprope says:

    In church today part of the message was to help others and not keep things to yourself, so funny that you mention the same thing here 😃

  • princess kaha says:

    Thanks for your perspective on this topic, as usual there are great takeaways. I have a question that's totally unrelated though, about filing taxes for a small business owner. What would be the most cost effective option in your opinion, and should I also get a bookkeeping service if I'm already using QuickBooks?

  • Claudette's Cards says:

    Thank you for all your great advice Holly; it's really helpful!!! I was wondering if you could do a video about growing your channel on YouTube. I am new on YouTube and really want to get some good advice on how to get more views and subscribers. Thank you so much for all you do!!

  • purplesparkzzz says:

    where's the check list?

  • Wanza Wiley says:

    really enjoy your videos. thank you for sharing.

  • Ed Waldron says:

    I know have a ton of ideas yay 😃

  • Ed Waldron says:

    I know a a ton of ideas 😀

  • Ed Waldron says:

    Nvm i got bad grammer

  • Pasteros says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  • C J says:

    Good info

  • Rodolfo Aguilar says:

    2:22 I couldn't agree more. I think that is one of the biggest fears for people, that some one else is going to steal their show. But, in my opinion, even if there's thousands of other people doing the same thing as you, there is no one alive that can do it "like you!" Many don't realize that in helping others grow, we grow as well.

  • Nicculent says:

    I love this.I have a writers' block right now,and I'm supposed to write for my blog today itself.This gave me some easy ideas.Thanks!:)

  • VIPUL KUMAR says:

    I didn't understand any single word because i was looking only her beautiful lips!😉



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