Hey everyone! So after the reception for my last video I decided to have a debate over exactly what a calorie is (I'm sure we all know 😉 ) and the unhelpful...

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18 Responses to The Anorexia Blogs – Calories and Bad Diet Plans

  • Karen G says:

    Thank you this was very help full love uou

  • BestWayLoseBellyFat says:

    The best way to lose belly fat is by having the right diet…too many people
    only focus on exercising when first starting out…

  • amy-louise02 says:

    Omg I at school we ran a mile and I got 12 mins 34 seconds !!!

  • Vicky Willpowerfitness says:

    Strong is the new skinny.

  • Nina Salvatore says:

    OH EM GEE the days when you actually posted videos. 

  • Lindsey Smelski says:

    Sweet potatos are one of the best vegetable for you to eat.

  • Ryan Dickinson says:

    You need to buy a juicer and have a little, carrot, orange & ginger juice
    or a spinach, kale, cucumber, ginger & apple juice each day to help
    incorporate some veggies! I’ll even pop broccoli in there sometimes; what
    most people don’t know is green juice is sweet and tastes similar to candy
    when mixed with certain fruit! Sometimes it’s hard to eat salad, I never
    have salad… But I’m a Leafy green freak. This is a great way to enjoy
    eating greens everyday. Bare in mind, you don’t get fiber.. but you do get
    all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants & free radical fighting friends to
    help you body, is absorbed super quickly and a sustained healthy source of
    energy. Much love, Peta. On my boyfriends account. :)

  • Fay Bee says:

    You have a really annoying voice

  • Simone Wade says:

    You look really old! 19? Lol!!

  • Munmun O'Neill says:

    They should do a video tutorial for fashion for regular sized girls who are
    over a size 8. Great idea, as not all of of us are 100 pounds, and would
    like fashion forward and savvy tips for the average person ( I cannot work
    out five days a week, I can commit to 3-4).

  • Alejandra Bella says:

    omg she speaks so fast I can hardly keep up 

  • hamsterbear15 says:

    I totally agree that skinny doesn’t mean pretty and people should
    definitely not starve themselves to be a certain weight, but I have
    struggled with people saying I’m too skinny even though it’s just how I
    look. I happen to be very tall and I do eat a lot, it’s just how I am
    built. I just don’t appreciate people not accepting me because I’m on the
    other side of the weight spectrum

  • Munmun O'Neill says:

    P.P.S. I am so sorry, but Blair repeatedly uses the worse “is” when she is
    should be using ARE. “Some cranberries ARE good too…”

  • CottenCandy says:

    you’re amazing <3

  • Eunice Victorino says:

    I love your accent! 🙂 you sound so adorable.

  • Francesca Lobban says:

    Hello Aimee, I follow you on Instagram and although I do not subscribe to
    other blogs like this, I am very glad that you have shared your video and
    feelings and I wanted to thank you personally and also say that along with
    others, I am so proud of you, your attitude and strength and the way you
    inspire and want to help others. I hope you find your happiness and freedom
    soon. Take care and keep fighting xx

  • Naomi Roland says:

    To a degree this is true, but protein calories are less fattening than
    calories from carbs and fat, because protein takes more energy to
    metabolize. Whole foods also require more energy to digest than processed
    foods. Also not all fiber calories are absorbed.

  • butterz says:

    Omg I love your eyebrows!! You are so cute and great vlog! :))



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