The Blogging Formula.
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  • Tom DeMattia says:

    I love his approach: Live your life to the fullest! Rock On David! ~I love
    it, Rocky Movie ‘You get back up’

  • KramCampProds says:

    lol, what a brutal pyramid scheme. You people need jobs and degrees.

  • Cameron Butler says:

    No joking! David Wood is the real deal!

  • MakeOnlineMoney09 says:

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  • Bhimsen Bhatta says:

    The spam bullshit on here won’t assist you to generate income. I am aware
    this since I got scammed. If you desire to see real verification of
    earnings navigate to the Zutore Cash System website (Google it) and tell
    those spammers to fuck off!

  • Alexander Herrera says:

    David Wood is right. For the new person getting into blogging and attepting
    to set up a quality blog with wordpress is like pulling teeth. It took me
    almost three years to set up a blog that is pretty, functional and all that
    other shit. It’s a pain in the ass. Thank God (EN) solved this issue with
    Blgg Beast.

  • chris neely says:

    blogger dot com is free… why pay for blogging

  • Dave C says:

    I’m happy to have him back too. I relate to his situation going through the
    same thing in my relationship. I am dealing with it like he did just
    working on myself.

  • victor ortiz says:

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  • Bobbie LaRue says:

    What you are saying is so profound especially from someone so young. I am
    inspired. Thank you

  • Alfred Burgo says:

    I cant wait to meet you…. thanks for the program!

  • Rose Swanepoel says:

    I found this very interesting.

  • Wahayn Inello Clayton says:




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  • Tikecia C. Johnson says:

    Need help setting up your blog!

  • happii.lotus EatsRainbows says:
  • Ponzi Eliminator says:

    Empower Network is a full blown out pyramid scheme. I’d stay far away from
    this scam. This company will be shutt down soon. They are charging people
    $25 a month for a FREE WordPress Blog. Remember folks, Tumblr and WordPress
    are FREE. Also, there products are nothing more then internet marketing
    training you can find for free on YT. Don’t get conned into this money
    game. With upsells and all. You will end up paying close to $6,000. They
    are preying on the innocent hard working Americans.

  • Julie Roach says:

    Dave Wood, co-founder of Empower Network and Blog Beast enV2, regularly
    communicates with his team through webinars and blogging.
    Tonight he invited us to participate in a Live Video Blog on the New enV2
    (aka BlogBeast)
    Thousands of us were exhausting the servers, but luckily Empower’s tech.
    team is stellar.
    Anyway, I always enjoy Dave Woods personable style. It’s easy to get
    comfortable in his casual communication; especially since he is so freely
    gives proven marketing strategies.
    Tonights main message was: Have a Clear Vision & Define your Personal
    Outcome == So you know specifically what to implement into action.
    However, as I was listening, I started Smiling at the seamless hypnotic
    selling techniques that were being utilized within the presentation. 🙂
    There’s No Doubt, Dave Wood is one of the Greats that genuinely has Raw
    Sales ability.
    I personally like that.
    Some might say “How dare him try to sell me something…” – because that’s
    how we all can be when being “sold”… But, I am a Zig Ziglar gal, so of
    course I appreciate his personality type – because he’s genuine & just
    “Asks for the Sale”.
    I mean, the guy wears his heart on his sleeve…and he named his company
    “Empower” network…you don’t come up with that name unless you have
    personally experienced empowerment in your own journey and have a vision of
    “playing it forward”.
    Dave Wood and his business partner, Dave Sharpe freely give their
    testimonies and it resonates with opportunity seekers. These accomplished
    men worth learning from.
    Anyway, tonight as I was listening, I imagined teams in any industry using
    this platform just like this; communicating & encouraging their teams,
    using this as a sales & marketing tool for their products, monetizing their
    communications: from the convenience of their cell phones or any mobile
    device! ~ Ok, I’ll admit it, I envisoned tan guys on a golf course 🙂
    The point is, the blog is customizable. All of the graphics can easily be
    product specific. You can resell this platform and other Empower Network
    products and make 100% commissions. Your existing Team can add Empower
    Network to their product line. The opportunities are limitless!
    The success stories are verifiably legit. The growth is impressive. The
    products are Superior. The vision is solid.
    Dave will be have another LIVE VIDEO BLOG for members only this week. Be a
    To Your Desired Outcome!

  • Bruce Thomson says:

    I did some web searching. Many sites say that David Wood’s scheme requires
    you to recruit others to pay – creating a pyramid of money that enriches up
    the pyramid by impoverishing the people most recently recruited. Do your
    own web search and you’ll see.

  • Dan Fossard says:

    I met Dave Wood in Anaheim in October and he invited me to breakfast with
    him where he interviewed me on his iPhone. Check out the video on my
    channel. It was a life changing experience!

  • Linda Darling says: — You Can Do This

  • Gurpinder Singh says:

    Blogging Formula

  • sierra epps says:

    Love it

  • Ellis Jackson says:

    I can’t wait until this disgusting MLM dries up and dies. Empower Network
    belongs on a blacklist

  • Francesca Ebeli says:

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  • ErwienSamantha Yustitiawan says:

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