The 'Magical Blogging' Formula.
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  • Lynn C says:

    I dont agree with how empower plays off the new age spirituality movement
    Anyone who wants to write /blog and make money can just go to sites like, or skrive it, or tiond! These sites pay you to write. Set up
    a youtube channel with videos, write some blogs/articles, whatever you want
    and post on a few different sites that pay you! There are tons of ways to
    make money from home, online, visit! You dont have to pay to
    earn! Unless you are just greedy*

  • Helena Kelton says:

    Dave’s training was difficult to understand with the echo board??! Please
    David check your sound every time, have a good microphone like you use to
    do in Costa Rica! ­čÖé For your audience Dave please!!!!

  • Rebecca Lara says:

    Comprehend mines gone dude

  • Rebecca Lara says:

    Loud and clear

  • Rebecca Lara says:

    Honestly are we live

  • Imran Ramdhan says:

    u see Lynn i understand what u saying but with empowernetwork we go for the
    big money fiverr and all these things make u small money or if you know a
    better way show me

  • darkwiz666 says:

    Aired on the 24th on Google Hangout, NOT YOUTUBE. Also, you posted on the
    31st…think about it.

  • Glinder Soria says:

    David es un gusto conocerlo, sera posible escucharlo o leer en espa├▒ol lo
    que usted ense├▒a o traducir sus videos en espa├▒ol, me parece muy pero muy
    interesante lo que usted ense├▒a. un abrazo

  • Louis vdv says:

    And not a single word you just said is true or made any sense…
    Apparently, after looking at your channel, you’re just posting the same
    comment on every video about Empower Network… Get a life!

  • Eric Peyton says:


  • John Shackelford says:

    I can say in 2010 I paid $15.00 to make money on line. Over 2 years later I
    had $2.00 in my pay pal that I paid to affiliate fee. Today I am still
    thinking Dave & Dave are the only way to get money.

  • MLM Recruiting Online says:

    Good stuff…

  • Brett Shoemaker says:


  • Nerium Online Training says:

    Yes it is!

  • Mathew Yates - Gold IRA Rollovers says:

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  • Seven Touch Marketing Systems says:

    Mathew – you describe yourself as an expert online marketer. The use of the
    word EXPERT in capitals doesn’t make you one. Describing Empower Network
    and insulting those who have bought into it doesn’t make you an expert.
    Leaving copy/paste in your post – doesn’t make you an expert. Shoving a
    blatant bit of self promotion into this thread doesn’t make you an expert.
    It makes you look a dimwit. Which, incidentally, I am sure you are not.

  • Rafael Motta Ferreira says:


  • Lucy Jako says:

    It’s a scam guys.

  • Ponzi Eliminator says:

    Empower Network is a full blown out pyramid scheme. I’d stay far away from
    this scam. This company will be shutt down soon. They are charging people
    $25 a month for a FREE WordPress Blog. Remember folks, Tumblr and WordPress
    are FREE. Also, there products are nothing more then internet marketing
    training you can find for free on YT. Don’t get conned into this money
    game. With upsells and all. You will end up paying close to $6,000. They
    are preying on the innocent hard working Americans.

  • Gerald GiGuala says:

    David Wood really is a motivational speaker. He’s good at inspiring, you
    have to give props where props is due. He’s inspired many people to join
    his company. Now I don’t know about some of these people’s results but
    Empower Network has been able to change many people’s lives. I’m not
    affiliated with them in any way, but I am aware of what the power of
    network marketing can do for your life. I actually have a couple videos on
    it if you’d like to take a look. EN just might not be for you.

  • Beverly Gordy says:

    Hey Check This Out!
    Get Rich ….´╗┐

  • nelson diaz says:


  • Linda Darling says: Set This Up Faster Than A Facebook Profile!
    (A Grandma Can Do This)´╗┐

  • Ama Danesi says:


  • zelda zuk says:

    very wise ideas´╗┐

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