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15 Responses to The Photography Blogger

  • biggoofybastard says:

    David Duchemin at vision is better is pretty good too.

  • Ross Grubbs says:

    Thank you for the tips on blogs, always need more quality info. Great videos, always enjoy your material.

  • teleking58 says:

    A lesser known cat but informative for trick photography and a likeable guy Evan Sharboneau

  • Robert Day says:

    Karl Taylor is top nitch.

  • barverme says:

    ValueTechTV for lens reviews (if you speak German 😁)

  • Jim Bean says:

    Love the positivity and generosity of this. Thanks for setting a good example!

  • Allan Albery says:

    Thomas Heaton is a brilliant landscape photographer in the UK. His You tube channel is great. His videos are inspirational, they take you on a journey, showing the good aspects and his failures, in landscape photography. He comes across as a real nice guy, very passionate and honest.
    Thank you Tony and Cealsea for your great channel. I have been following you both for a long time. I think the first video of yours that i watched, was when Tony took an HDR photo of a train, after watching that i subscribed.
    Regards Allan Albery UK

  • Jan Zienkiewicz says:

    What about Pod Casts ? I find these are so engaging and have totally taken over where I might have once simply listened to a cd or radio.
    Photog Adventures is for me the best one out there….. do you two have any ythat you particularly like?

  • Niem says:

    Mattias Burling and Mathieu Stern great channels please support them and check them out for

  • Foton Icon says:

    Well C&T rule like Ozzy for nerds.
    Other great channels for Photography knowledge:Kai Wong, Lok Cheung, Jared Polin, Peter Gregg. Because something warm and wonderful happens when you watch Peter Gregg.
    Going beyond cameras:
    Aaron Rutten for Draw Tablets, Charlie Pangus and Dansky for Graphic Design with AdobeCC, Photigy and Theoria Apophisis for Product Photography, Serge Ramelli and Jeff Brislane for Real Estate Photography; and The Real Sir Robin for street photography.
    And for the big picture, Secureteam10 and Bright Insight.- and MASTER KEN, because everything else is bullsh*t! 😀

  • TheThree PupFriends says:

    Ted Forbes (the art of photography)

  • Johannes Labusch says:

    Ted Viera, Ted Forbes, Maarten Hellbron, Sean Tucker.

  • Pokefreak 13 says:

    Dustin Abbott and Jared Polin!

  • Shehrbano Saiyid says:

    I love Peter McKinnon and Dustin Abbot. They mainly do YouTube videos but they're really good and balanced. I also really like DigitalRev the guys from Hong Kong. Peter McKinnon and DigitalRev have almost 2M subscribers and I've learnt a lot from them. DigitalRev are very unbiased and Peter McKinnon has taught me a lot about equipment and software. But thanks for the video! Great job! 🙂

  • Tony & Chelsea Northrup says:

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