The Truth About Relationship/Dating Blogs

Are you a dating blog junkie? I love writing blogs and sharing but I do not recommend using blogs alone as a blueprint for what your love life should look li...
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VLOGS IN JUNE - Day Ten ♥ Reunited with Alfie & Losing My Voice ♥ Like if you enjoyed, sorry it's a short one! Niomi: Tanya: ...
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19 Responses to The Truth About Relationship/Dating Blogs

  • deziree lesso says:

    are zoella and alfie dateing

  • Lucky Kailey says:

    Oh no! Don’t whisper on purpose! That will strain your voice even more than
    just speaking normally :(

  • Kat Imvu says:

    wait are zoella and alfie together?

  • XxMHAnimeGirlxX says:

    Those people saying “OMG Alfie is SUCH a bad boyfriend” or “where does he
    expect the relationship to go if their not gonna get married”
    CALM DOWN he might mean it a in he doesn’t want to get married yet or he
    doesn’t want to get married at all! My parents aren’t married but they
    aren’t divorced/broken up they just think it a piece of paper Alfie might
    think that aswell! So just calm your tits 

  • Ceggggg says:

    Did she say norwich I live there

  • emily borluca says:

    They can’t kiss until they’re married

  • Gameplay Sister says:

    Oh my gooooood I have two guinea pigs called Toffee and Neil and Percy (one
    of her guinea pigs) looks EXACTLY like Toffee xD

  • samantha decolongon says:

    I’m confused are they getting marrid or something? Because I was reading
    some of the comments and some said he was just joking about not marrying

  • Jaime Glynn says:

    Zoe’s always moaning that people should be watching her videos (as in
    Alfie) haha

  • Buggle Chick says:

    I don’t know why u guys r even bothering if they r getting married or not
    it’s there relationship so I suggest u stay out of it? 

  • Skater_girl1009 says:

    Zoe, I know this was ages ago but whispering makes your voice worse!! So,
    keep that info for the future (although it doesn’t hurt whispering just
    makes your voice worse so just don’t speak unless it’s extremely necessary)

  • Alex Clarke says:

    i wanna get two guinea pigs any advice ?

  • Neha Kapoor says:

    Why doesn’t alfie wanna marry Zoe

  • MoreZoella says:
  • katieeee says:

    That means there married because they kiss all the time, hmmm

  • Allison Haraburda says:

    so in England people say poorly instead of sick? :3

  • Claudia says:

    You a took it as Alfie didn’t want to marry Zoe. I took it as, Alfie
    doesn’t want to wait until marriage to kiss her.

  • itscaralouise says:

    Reading through the comments.. do people not understand a joke? Alfie was
    joking when he said he didn’t want to marry Zoe…

  • Matthew Barker says:

    Wow you could crush me in you’re bare hands if wanted to.
    Is there a verson of this video for whites…i can’t undestand her dialect,
    no offense, but it your voice sounds like you’re trying to make contact
    with a full grown male ox.
    Anyway gotta go feed the chicklets. 



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