Things people say to Type 1 Diabetics..

This month is Diabetes Awareness Month! So, I will be posting lots of videos! Thanks for watching this, and tune in to my channel for more diabetes-related s...
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17 Responses to Things people say to Type 1 Diabetics..

  • Gamer_4life says:

    I have type one diabetes too it so hard

  • Panda Lover says:

    I’m not a diabetic and I haven’t had cancer so I’ve only heard about it but
    when Ashley said that some one told her that at least it’s not cancer that
    made me so mad because I’ve heard stories about people with diabetes and
    people with cancer and some stories are good, some are bad someone, and
    some have good and bad in it. A person can’t just pick either diabetes or
    cancer being the hardest to overcome.

  • Stephen Barrett says:

    I have been diabetic for 30 years and people are a lot more aware nowadays
    about diabetes than in the past. I think your video is extremely negative.
    We have a condition that affects our lives. We do, not the whole world.
    There are probably thousands of medical conditions that I know nothing
    about and nor would I care to if I, or a friend did not suffer from it.
    To any new diabetics, look on the bright side. Just over a hundred years
    ago with diabetes you would be dead. Diabetes does not really cause any
    physical pain. I would much rather stab myself ( sorry there really is no
    other word for it) 4 times a day and it hurt a little, than to be in
    constant pain.
    It’s really not that bad. Just don’t expect people to be an expert on YOUR
    condition. And keep some sweets on you just in case.

  • Karlie S says:

    You just summed up exactly how I feel about those stupid people out
    there!!! Just from watching this you have made me feel better about having
    diabetes, made me proud of who I am and that I can;t let a silly disease
    control my life!!

  • Brianna Menzie says:

    I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 9

  • Stefanie Woodruff says:

    also, at first I used to get really defensive, but now I make jokes about
    it.. I’m 20 years in, you’ll be the same way too 🙂 and it’s not a bad
    thing, you’ll learn to be positive and brush off the stupid comments :)

  • oskar sjölund says:

    I hate when people say these things and they often don’t know what they are
    saying. And often they don’t understand that these words hurt us diabetics.
    Type1 and type 2 should not have the same name. They should change the name
    of type 2 diabetes to something else so that it should not be mixed up.
    Good video keep it up.

  • Lauren M says:

    The most ignorant and irritating question that I have ever been asked is ”
    is diabetes contageous.” No, no it isnt.

  • Breean Ortiz says:

    Actually you don’t have to be overweight to contract type 2 diabetes that’s
    a myth. Also contrary to what people believe it cannot be reversed. Where
    as type 1 makes no insulin, type 2 your body rejects insulin. Type 2
    diabetics can’t eat sugar or foods high in carbs. There is no life support
    such as insulin treatment for type 2 diabetics. So in actuality type 2 is a
    lot worse. For one who does not like stereo typical remarks shouldn’t make
    them either. Other than that I get your point it is very frustrating and
    annoying when people assume and try to give advise when they know nothing
    about a diabetics daily pain and struggles. I was just letting you know
    from a thin, 27 year old mother of two little girls and a type 2 diabetic
    for five years now, I am not an excessive sugar eater nor am I overweight,
    and I do exercise. Keep up the work educating people is key to them

  • Darren Clift says:

    I have type 1 now, started out type 2, well treated as type 1 now, all i
    take is insulin, and people out there really are stupid when it comes to
    the disease. I hear things, like oh its not life threatening (Great state
    of texas told me that), and my fav is we cant higher you because you are
    sick to much. another fav of mine is well just dont eat sugar.. that one
    is one of my fav too’s. another good one, so what if its low, is that
    good… oh its over 500 just go lay down stupid stuff like that all the
    time, well you hang in there girl, dont let stupid people get you down.

  • Tiffany Miller says:

    i was diagnosed with it when i was 2 and im 15 now but when i was in
    primary school, sometimes me and my friends would play some games such as
    handball, tip etc. at recess and lunch. one time i was playing handball
    with my friends and i felt very weak and dizzy so i asked if we could just
    pause the game so that i could go and test my self, and my best said to me
    “ugghhh, hurry up!!”. when she said that too me, i was so fustrated and
    really sad at the same time. so yea, its so fustrating when people say that
    to you and its really upsetting coz they dont know what its like. even i
    feel fustrated myself when i have stop every one else coz of my problem.

  • rene martinez says:

    I got diagnosed with type 1 on July 4 2014 I started with 5 shots am down
    tow 2 shots iv been really active I eat a lot better just stay positive
    staying active is a big key with dis disease eat a lot less drink a lot
    water make big difference it puss me of 2 when people tell me I got dis
    because of poor life chos am mean am lucky 2 have lived 20 years with out
    it it sucks cuz people doubt no what we go trow only we understand thing
    that happen us if we don’t take car of are self 

  • Ronnie Rabell says:

    yeah lantus burns……. i hate it.what you forgot to metion is the low
    points in life when suicied seems to be a in our thoughts just because you
    get tired of the shots and the check up, finger stick, etc……

  • Stefanie Woodruff says:

    I’ve been Type 1 since I was 12, it’s been 20yrs now.. and I remember
    watching my grandma shooting up in her stomach, thinking to myself that
    must hurt, but no, it hurts the least! Also, I’m a smoker and I’ve drank
    most of my life, but I’ve kept my Bs’s in check lol my point is, as long as
    you keep your BS’s in check you’ll be all good.. All the diabetics that
    have lost their limbs were type 2 diabetics that didn’t take their
    medication and it all started w/ a little sore on their toe, seriously… 

  • Mia C says:

    I have type 1 diabetes and i got the mini med insulin pump. It really
    changed my life with diabetes and made it so much easier! I would
    definitely recommend it to everyone. Also the best part is you only have
    to put a needle in you every three days other than finger pricks. Another
    thing that changed my life with diabetes is Genteel lancing device. This
    helps because you don’t have to prick yourself with a pricker you do it
    with this. It does have a lancet in it but you don’t feel any pain because
    it vacuums it out. I don’t know exactly how it does it but i know it is
    definitely pain free. Another awesome thing about this is that if you want
    to give your fingers a break you can do it on your arms, forearms, legs,
    palms, etc. Please go get these two items because they made my life so much

  • Max Freer says:

    My name is Max and I am 12 years old.
    I am a type 1 diabetic. I have the same feeling about diabetes than you do.
    I came across you youtube account and I want to let you know that I hated
    people’s questions about diabetes. I am now next week giving a presentation
    on diabetes that I made. Learn more about diabetes and what your knowledge.
    Im giving my presentation to other schools. Please joing me in my
    “campaign” of diabetes awareness.
    Dont be defined by your number.

  • Marcel Smith says:

    I just got diagnosed with type 1 this week.. As relieved as I am to find
    out why I would pass out randomly, why I was always thirsty, and why my
    vision would go blurry; I still cried a lot. Everyone in my family was like
    “Stop crying, it’s not cancer”, but they don’t know what it’s like to have
    someone tell you that everyday, for the rest of your life, you’re going to
    have to take shots, watch what you eat, and have the fear that you could go
    into a coma if you don’t take care of it. I was so excited to move out my
    house and live with my friends, but now I can’t because I wouldn’t be able
    to afford the medical costs on top of rent and bills.. Thanks for your
    video though, you’re showing me that it’s not all bad, it’s just a lot to
    live with. 



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