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20 Responses to Just Another Political Blog? Think Again

  • wompedy says:

    the best political blog on the net, hands down!

  • momoflpa says:

    I had never heard of the website before, but i thinks its great that they
    are looking at both sides but also seem to be researching thier information.

  • DanieljDixon says:

    Watch: The Kruger Ring and do something effective.

  • fngigolo says:

    I love you thinkprogress!! You really show the caring and compassionate
    side of society with your fair and balanced reporting! No other blog shows
    both sides better than Toilet Paper. One would think Jesus Christ is the
    one behind this wonderful bush bashing blog!

  • Laara12 says:

    Which word is it that Beck and O’Reilly are having trouble with? Think? Or

  • studentofsmith says:

    1:34 Does anyone else find it odd Congress would seek the input of a 12
    year old in formulating health policy?

  • MojoJuana says:

    it’s far better to be progressive than regressive!!!

  • Rossdhu16 says:

    Keep up the good work.

  • tooltalk says:

    Just out of curiosity who funds them? so the libtards talking points are
    all fabricated by these Soro’s minions?

  • peterscottcameron47 says:

    Note that the best the right can do here is to name call and spit epithets;
    no reason, no consideration of policy, no weighing of evidence, no
    thoughtful consideration about what might be best for people. Carry on
    ThinkProgress and power to the Zuccotti Park people!

  • FattKidd says:

    Keep up the good work, folks.

  • BobBarley says:

    You guys are doing a great job.Keep up the good work!

  • Tsquare07 says:

    Never heard of the web site before but if so many mainstream media heads
    are taking the time to bash it tells me the people at think progress must
    be doing something right. Thanks for the video. I will have to check it out
    for sure now. Mainstream media is a freaking joke period.

  • momoflpa says:

    must be a known sorce of information and opinion if so many news stations
    have heard of it or are trying to discourage people from it. maybe they are
    afraid to let people se the information or truth on these candidates. but
    also how does anyone really know if all thier information posted is really
    the whole story?

  • mtyboltar says:

    You guys ROCK! Keep it up.

  • dougdrenkow says:

    When Karl Rove says that Scott McClellan “sounds like a left-wing blogger”
    — by revealing the “political propaganda campaign” to sell the Iraq war
    and by telling how Rove and Libby misled him and the American public in the
    Valerie Plame affair — I’d say that’s an unintended but high praise for
    Think Progress, an award-winning leader in discovering and disseminating
    progressive information. On behalf of our nation and world, thanks. And
    keep up the good work!

  • givebirthathome says:

    What’s excellent about Think Progress is the ability to check the
    historical record on issues and put them in context that it gives, sealing
    the “memory hole” that allows so many lies credibility.

  • Prometheus14 says:

    Think Progress is my favorite blog. Of course, I’m a progressive human
    being who like to think and who hates the dumbing down attempts by all
    those who want to conserve stupidity and a bumper-sticker mentality.

  • djelsabroso says:

    Jus another Liberal Democrat blog

  • louis12346 says:

    We all need little electric clown cars & all plug them in to recharge at
    same time in evening ( BROWN OUT ) . What if they put all of our Pensions &
    Heath care TAX invest themin Goldmine SAX Derivatives CDO , CDS ,then
    without Lock Box it will help the Banks & Big Gov. to have $ to spend if
    that doesnt works, We need VAT TAX , Sales TAX , Global Carbon , Tax & Bail
    Out Tax if these do not work we can have Freedom of Speech Tax & Tea Party



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