Kent Griswold doesn't live in a tiny house, but he's become a very well known tiny house geek. Five years ago (May 2007) he launched the Tiny House Blog and it's now the most popular of its kind, but it all began with a lifelong love of cabins.
At first he had a few hundred people visiting his site every day, so he decided to take it seriously and in the past five years it's grown to about 10,000 to 15,000 unique visitors a day. Kent admits his timing was fortuitous.
Now there are other similar blogs to his like the Tiny House Design, Tiny House Talk, Tiny House Listings,The Tiny Life, This Tiny House and Shedworking. There are popular builders like Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and Brad Kittel of Tiny Texas Houses. There's even a Small House Society which helps promote the small house movement. 
Kent's home county of Sonoma (California) is one hub for the movement (as seen in the first act of our documentary "We the Tiny House People"). And every so often some of them- Jay Shafer, Stephen Marshall (Little House on the Trailer), Michael Janzen (Tiny House Design) and Kent- gather for a "Meeting of the Tiny Minds". While there may be something new in the way tiny house information is being spread online, Kent is clear that small shelters have always been a viable option.
When Kent first started blogging he had trouble finding enough content for his site. Now he has a couple years worth of great stories (mostly flagged in his gmail account) and he sees more and more people actually building, or hiring someone to build, their own tiny homes. Though he makes it clear that the majority of his readers are "dreamers".

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13 Responses to Tiny House Blog founder: cabins, mortgages, downsizing trend

  • xarcaz says:

    I like your tinfoil hat.

  • xarcaz says:

    I live in Sweden, and I haven't had any problems with around 12 sq.m for a few years.

  • VasilyKiryanov says:

    City or country?

  • Carolyn Bostic says:

    Loved seeing this video interview. I follow the Tiny House Blog too.

  • MischievousKittie says:

    have you considered still downsizing? or least refincaing with th rates so low now days? It never to late to try =)

  • David Hutchinson says:

    East Coast? where? I can't find anything about this where I live.

  • Realtomahawk07 says:

    He just lost me when he said He wouldn't live in something he's pushing…regardless of his wife or not…no integrity here…

  • polyannamoonbeam says:

    This is inspirational . I am living in Ireland where we have over 7000 empty house dwellings but almost 5000 homeless families who cant get mortgages . NAMA now owns many of them and many more are falling into disrepair. But during the new age movement in the early 90's many young people attempted to do this – build their own , downsize or be self sufficient . Some of them set up co – ops. Much needed again as social housing is privatised and affordable is – concrete cell.

  • Viola Richberg Gray says:

    I agree 100%!! We sold our house in 2002.Bought another in another state.I asked my husband to buy a mobile home and travel in it. He said, Who wants to be riding everyday most of the year!! Well now I am a widow,and he might still be alive if we had.I love these Tiny Houses!! I want a mobile one. I have friends and family around the country. Az,Okla,NC,Tx,Iwoa,Calif! I could visit them and not over stay my welcome.I haven't seen any African-Amer in any of the clips Don't have to be just wonderi

  • Moderately Minimalist says:

    where is that community located at 1:38?

  • Morgan Andersen says:

    there damn commercials on youtube

  • TheDtfamu89 says:

    I really like the idea of not having a mortgage. 

  • OneSweetWorldLIOG says:

    Great video.  I really enjoy Kent's blog. 



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