This video ranks the top ten highest paid sailing channels based on my estimates of their Patreon and AdSense revenues from their channels. 9 of the 10 were vloggers. All channels incur expenses such as buying and replacing camera and computer gear to keep the pipeline of videos flowing. Only two channels made six figures. The highest paid channels did not necessarily have the most subscribers. My recent study looked at 444 sailing YouTube channels. Thus, the other 98 percent of channels made less than the top 10 from Patreon and AdSense.

I assumed that their average patron paid for 32 videos per year, and the channels made .50 per 1,000 views on Adsense. My estimates could be way off if either one of those estimates was off for any particular channel. Advertising revenues vary greatly based on a lot of factors. Not all public pledges are the same on Patreon because patrons can limit the number of times they are charged per month. Nevertheless, this assumption for Patreon was in line with the 2016 Patreon blog reported earnings for Sailing SV Delos and Sailing La Vagabonde.


The channels' Patreon revenues were based on the public Patreon pledges and the annual views reported by The revenue estimates are guesses and could be significantly higher or lower.

0:33 Chase the Story Sailing and Sailing Miss Lone Star have more subscribers than some in the top 10 but did not make the highest paid list.
0:50 #10 Sailing Uma sail a Pearson 36 sailboat in Haiti.
1:01 #9 Jamie and Liz are Brits sailing a Oyster 435 since 2005.
1:16 #8 RAN Sailing is sailing out of Sweden.
1:32 #7 White Spot Pirates produces the Untie the Line vlog. It pulls in a K/year from Patreon and Adsense. Check out Nike's interview on episode 14 of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast at

1:57 #6 Sailing SV Lazy Gecko sails with kids and pets in Florida.
2:13 #5 Rick Moore and his Ambient Real Life production company is sailing Sophisticated Lady (SSL) in the eastern Caribbean.
2:29 #4 Boatworks Today is the only DIY channel in the top ten. .
2:43 #3 Gone with the Wynns are one of only 3 channels with over 100K subscribers.
3:03 #2 Sailing SV Delos were interviewed on episode 10


episode 33

of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast.

3:43 #1 Elayna and Riley of Sailing La Vagabonde are number 1 in terms of subscribers 288K.
4:41 Some top channels interviewed on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast with over 10K subscribers have suspended their cruises. Examples are Wicked Salty, Sailing Baby Blue, and Resolute Sets Sail.

5:55 The majority of sailing channels on Patreon are making or less per video. See

6:18 AdSense estimated earnings are often much smaller than Patreon estimated revenues for these channels.

6:30 Affiliate and sponsorship income examples
Sailing La Vagabonde II Outremer 45 sponsorship:

Sailing SV Delos Supersailmakers sponsorship:

7:20 Assumptions for revenue estimates
8:20 sailing channels are companies with costs
8:42 SailingSaltyMermaid totaled their boat while filming a vlog series:

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12 Responses to Top 10 Best Paid Sailing Channels: La Vagabonde, SSL, Wynns, Delos, RAN, Gecko, Uma, & More

  • Brandon Manusov says:

    great info thanks. My favorite SV Delos. the one thing I would like to see more of is transparency. understand all the cost and problems that sailer encounter. anything that can help me captain my own boat from mechanical problems to getting visas to how much they started with.

  • All My Hobbies says:

    maybe your out of date or just wrong but subs does not matter when it come to youtube income. its all about monthly views not total views and sv delos has always generated more monthly views then anyone else. they also have a higher patreon number as well. they are clearly number one.

  • Bri Amra says:

    My top sailing channels : Free range sailing , Catulpa, The Sailing family & sailing into freedom…lots fun ~

  • HillbillyBob says:

    I'll tell you a couple more channels to keep an eye on, and that is "Tula's Endless Summer" and "Bums On A Boat" (BOAB).

    Tula's is just a very young couple, Billy and Sierra, and their dog, Jetty, (who also has her own vlog) showing their sailing adventures along with all the actual work they do to keep their boats maintained (they are on their third one together now), but the editing is spot on! It is a really top notch editing job. Of course, Sierra being beautiful and mostly in a bikini and Billy being a very buff looking lifeguard (both are actually lifeguards) doesn't hurt their numbers with either sex, but I have to hand it to Billy as he definitely does NOT exploit Sierra's looks just to get views, which is VERY refreshing! One of the few sailing channels that I and my wife consider wholesome, family entertainment! Billy also makes some really good "How I Did It" videos on boat repair projects that give an overall feel for the amount of work involved, but his "anyone can do this" attitude really shines through and is very inspiring. This is the first channel I started financially supporting. They currently have well over 62,000 subs and only started seriously putting out videos about 3 years ago.

    BOAB is the story of three friends (all males) who worked hard, saved their cash, then moved to Florida to buy and live aboard a boat. They are quirky and unconventional, but it works! They are still new to this vlog thing and are trying very hard to make their videos look better, and the improvements show from the first to the most recent videos. They aren't afraid to show you the mistakes they make along the way, along with all the people that have helped, giving credit where it is due, which makes them really down to earth, and an inspiration for others that aspire to this lifestyle. They currently have well over 4,500 subs and only started putting out videos about 2 years ago.

  • Dennis Frasca says:

    how do you know?

  • DANW7504 says:

    I like Bums on a Boat.

  • keithmackall says:

    What have I been doing with my life 😢😢

  • Sailing Miss Lone Star says:

    great vid! good choices!

  • Sailing Ceil 3 says:

    My new sailing channel, not in the top 10 yet…….

  • Debra Salt says:

    there are a lot of SV's that do barter agreements-i.e. scuba lessons, advertising videos and the like.I just think it would be impossible to ever know the true figures.I ran a business in the Caribbean for 30 years and I did loads of bartering agreements right down to the Tag Heuer watch I am wearing so there is that aspect.I also did advertising (not video) for many large chains in the Caribbean in exchange for groceries, electronics and services.Things outside of the U.S. work differently (Thank Goodness).Interesting video.

  • Debra Salt says:

    Does Daly go sailing too? He's a little cutie, hope he has the best little harness.So cute!!!!!

  • Slow Boat Sailing says:

    See all of our round the world sailing vlogs here:

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