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Hi, I'm Ysis! I am Brazilian-born, living in the UK with my welsh husband and our baby boy, James, born in April 2015. My channel started as my creative outlet to talk about beauty & fashion, but it gradually became my online diary and a place where I share a little bit of everything, from makeup to pregnancy, technology, mummy and baby updates.

As a first time mum, I am still finding my way through motherhood and all that comes with it, so I use this channel to document mummy life, share my tips and connect with likeminded people.

I would describe myself as a very happy, positive, honest and loyal person; online shopping is my arch-enemy! I am a qualified lawyer, a stay-at home mum and full-time blogger and vlogger. You can also find me on Channel Mum:

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Grand Rounds May 15, 2014

Dr. James Metz and Social Worker Ana Brown present an example of a case where a parent's blog provided evidence of parental behavior that had lead the clinicians to believe the child had serious medical problems when the child was actually healthy.
Dr. Megan Moreno offers an analysis of the issues raised by this example relating to the range of expectations for privacy on the internet and whether clinicians should "Google" parents when the clinician has some suspicion of care giver fabrication.

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17 Responses to TOP 15 MUM VLOGGERS & PARENT YOUTUBERS | Ysis Lorenna

  • Kat Ka says:

    thank you (to the woman at 43 after) this is such a huge concern when I see these blogs or see how some parents share on Facebook. I feel for the children. I'm glad there is more information to help them nowadays. This is a great presentation, thank you!

  • Patricia Camp says:

    100% you gotta cover all bases…this is a blog, they have given up privacy when they started a BLOG! Same goes for Vlog. You have to watch it saves childrens lives. If the parents are not doing anything wrong they shouldn't mind.

  • Rita Geraghty says:

    I just watched this video before coming here. There, the victim of medical child abuse by her mother speaks of her sufferings throughout her childhood. She speaks of how her own mother actually wanted her to have an open heart surgery, while child was healthy. That was extreme. She highlights another case of a child whose mother tried SUFFOCATING her and this was caught on CCTV.

  • GirlBoyFoodBaby by Deepa Devlukia says:

    Thanks so much for this video Ysis! Such great inspirations!

  • Kirsten Witney says:

    I'm a first time viewer to your channel. I loved this video. it opened my eyes to other mummy vloggers. I'm just starting out as mummy vlogger, and I love to see some quality content from other bloggers. Thank you so much!

  • Carissa Carissa says:

    Please feel free to Check out my baby videos of my baby girl Grace. We are from Canada. 😉

  • TheBigdan18 says:

    Hello I'm looking for a Vlogger to review a items from my onine store. I'm all about mutual marketing so if you help me i'll help you where I can.

  • Megan Stepien says:

    I would love to see an update of any other current mum vloggers that you follow especially those currently pregnant or ttc. I absolutely loved seeing all of your pregnancy vlogs, I am a mom of a 3 year old boy and have been trying for baby number two for awhile. I have been following Mrs. Meldrum from your recommendations and just love her family as well! thanks again!!

  • Marie's Kawaii World says:

    It's interesting how your channel has transitioned from beauty into parenthood. Do you feel that your old audience has dropped off or did you have a transitional period? I will have to check out all the channels you recommended!

  • Eilidh Maisy Meow says:

    Love this video! Since becoming a mum I've been watching parent vloggers all the time and also switched from fashion and lifestyle blogging to mostly parenting too! It's hard to talk about other things when your life is 99% baby focused 😂 thanks for all the recommendations! ❤️

  • MomLife with Twins says:

    Ive been trying to find these communities 🙁 but thanks for sharing! So looove connecting to other moms who vlog!

  • Saralyn Groom says:

    Thank you for this video! I'm curre you pregnant and have been looking for more family YouTuber's to watch and this was extremely helpful!

  • Tammy Sandy says:

    she talks to much

  • Girl meets World1517 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am starting off and would love to start vlogging my children and there growth. very excited and glad i found this video of amazing mom vloggers. Any tips and tricks on starting off i would appreciate.

  • For The Love Of Sorted says:

    Argh! Just when I thought I had found the best mum's I click on another video and BAM! There's another 15! (16 including yourself!) I'm going to have to get creative in viewing time between parenting my (4) kids, studying and dabbling in YT video myself! Lol. Still it's sooo worth it to be inspired and to feel less isolated in this stage of my life. Thank-you soooo much for sharing. Xo ❤️ Mel

  • Ashley Scarlett says:

    Hey guys I'm a 24 year old mom who really wants to start doing YouTube and sharing my life ! Anything from easy mom recipes or simple makeup tutorials to everyday blogging with my daughter n her dad !! Love u guys if I can get to 15 subscribers i will put up my first video !!! 💗

  • Vanessa Kanbi says:

    Thanks for sharing these with us – great to find new mum vloggers xxx



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