Blogging mistakes are common for new bloggers, especially in the beginning. In this brief Platform Tip video, NY Times Best-selling author, Michael Hyatt, ou...
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5 Responses to Top Blogging Mistakes – Platform Tip #3 – Michael Hyatt

  • Omni Skull says:
  • Clara Rose says:

    These tips have been said before… but it seems that some have not yet
    heard! Thanks for more great stuff, as always.

  • Mendenhall Creative says:

    Awesome Michael! Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I wonder about the
    length mistake though. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout shares that the top
    ranked pages have much longer content. I completely understand about what
    you’re saying as far as making it digestible…but some of the content that
    gets shared the most via social media are long comprehensive views. I guess
    it’d be worth doing some of each to get an idea as to what your users like
    most, what converts best, what resonates most.

  • John Morris says:

    Great #blogging tips fron +Michael Hyatt 

  • Vicki Davis says:

    I love +Michael Hyatt ‘s advice and listen to all of his podcasts. Here, he
    gives some great advice about blogging and why you’re losing traffic. I
    sure need to listen to #3 a bit more often. ;-)

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