Since everyone is a travel blogger now. It's a fight for who can make travel look the best so more people follow them. Travel is amazing and I love that it's a part of my life but there are HUGE gaps in the information and the assumed lifestyles of travel bloggers. (Even some of the "successful ones"). So per usual, I decided to burst bubbles and share an unpopular opinion about the most omitted facts about traveling/travel blogging.

You mad? It's probably because you know I'm right.

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August 16-18, 2016

A week after our Coron Trip, I got invited by Kuya Melo ( to visit Boracay once again, this time for Azalea Residences. If you read my travel blogs — I recently just posted a blog about another Boracay Resort (, if it interests you I encourage you to visit the link.

I've been to Boracay a couple of times this year, but this trip was definitely the most exciting.

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29 Responses to TRAVEL Bloggers Are LIARS | The Truth About Traveling


    so cute blogger nice blog.. baby

  • anthony almonte says:

    mas gumanda without the eyeglasses.

  • Pauline says:

    Ate please go someday in Calaguas! Maganda siya!

  • JZ No Copyright Music says:

    Nice Adventure on the best place on EARTH.

  • nicoleXD says:

    Your too pretty

  • SuperCornjulio says:

    Kilan ka gawa movie?……

  • Mike Aian Uy says:

    i love you cha😍😂❤ pls do more vlogs po. you're doing it great❤ i love it. notice me po. you're so beautiful for me❤😍 take care always, god bless you. i'm always lovin' youu😘😍😂❤❤❤

  • Michael g says:


  • Nick Ducusin says:

    I luv your Vlogs and especially when you hang out with Wil. Take care

  • Genevieve Ordaniza says:

    Wow sexy namn

  • lil shack_ 897 says:

    cha ganda mu

  • Ariel Tagala says:

    ang laki naman ng views ng video nato

  • Alvin A. says:

    hi im alvin pleased to meet you. i have a channel to boracay trip oh dont forget to subrscribe to me please.

  • Joy Baroquillo says:

    Bahog duga

  • Violetta D'Avila Winter says:

    LMAO ur great.

  • Sean Lewis says:

    Thanks for keeping it real. Well said….

  • Van Tsan says:

    A lot of truth in this video. Modern Western countries are expensive especially in big cities. Traveling to 2nd World or 3rd World countries can be really cheap. Also notice on a lot of these travel bloggers, they travel in GROUPS which mean they split the accommodation, transportation, food cost, which can make things cheaper.

  • Jordan Clemons says:

    Social Media fucked a lot of the game up. No, let me rephrase. Social Media abuse has fucked the game up.

  • Jordan Clemons says:

    I use the club analogy, because it's so relevant to this topic as well as any other topic where social media has infiltrated and is being abused. People aren't actually having fun, they want their followers to believe they are having fun, just like the dummies at the club on Live with and SM platform. With Social Media at the helm, perception is everything.

  • Candice Liu says:

    Haha you are so cool!

  • Harley RUIZ says:

    lol!! your video is so fucking cool! New subscriber!

  • London Leopard says:

    I feel like sending this video to everyone in my life. It's annoying that people think i'm rich because I travel alot. No? I work 2 jobs and book £10 ryanair flights 😂

  • Morgan Jones says:

    You are so real and articulate! So fresh compared to the typical travel vlogger/vlogger. I personally get caught in trying to stay in the moment vs. capturing the moment.

  • Adventures of Kaka & Sandy says:

    Right Said

  • God Anubis says:


  • PYREX KID says:

    I sub you

  • Rowan Williams says:

    It's not just bloggers. When I was in Madrid i met a fellow traveller and we made friends and went to dinner that night, she told me about the AWFUL experience she had in her last place which was Lisbon and she was nearly in tears talking about how awful the locals were and everything about her stay was pretty much awful…. we connected on facebook and I later checked her fb and saw that just before she left Lisbon she posted a selfie of her with a huge smile in Lisbon titled "Lisbon 🙂 " and a loveheart emoji.

  • Amonee Mathis says:

    I get exactly what you're saying. So many of my peers go in fancy cruises and trips, but will stand in the financial aid line begging for money. It's great to travel, that's what's i love to do. But, K don't feel people should live beyond their means! Great insight!

  • Asia Hobson says:

    Thank you for this sis!



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