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28 Responses to Tutorial: Everyday Look For Teenagers!

  • PKTriforceOmega says:

    At my sleepovers, (I’m a guy) we just do a bunch of LAN Partying,
    Truth/Dare, Cards Against Humanity, and eat and game and eat and game and
    sleep for maybe 2 hours.

  • Shannon Tucker says:

    At my sleepovers we watch ‘The Walking Dead’, eat food, play video games,
    go to the park and anything else we can be asked to do. We also eat weird
    food combinations such as sausages and ice cream, fish fingers and custard
    and the ‘Charlie Shake.’

  • kawaiighost24 says:

    My kinda slumber parties are nothing like that. My friends and I play role
    play board games and watch nerdy movies. We also play video games. I would
    never do any of that horrific stuff D:

  • Hollie Murphy says:

    What I do is make couch forts and little tents with a duvet and we watch
    movies and eat junk and go through the hosts clothes and catwalk, karaoke,
    Netflix marathons etc.


    This is so true. And I’m always stalking someone on facebook or something
    with my friend. It’s really funny hahaha 

  • Emily Neff says:

    Lol. The bleach! xD that’s so me!

  • poo nutrient says:

    I know this is really annoying but every big youtuber staryed off small and
    they went on bigger channels and commented this and im just a big stupid
    troll. Go watch my videos because they are crap 

  • soilgrasswaterair says:

    How come these two girls only have a few videos out, they clearly found a
    good concept to develop on their channel. Only 5 videos or something and 20
    million hits! They be fools for leaving a channel like that. It’s like
    winning on the lottery but leaving the ticket at home until it expires!!

  • Darci Mcfaul says:

    Me and my friend do a mix of both. Mostly the first but then we have the
    snacks and go on the computer.

  • jordan gentile says:

    When I was first watching this I was like wth we don’t do that hahaha but
    then it got to the real thing lol

  • Daisy-Rebelle Baggins says:

    Total crap, Laurel and I watch LotR, recite quotes, and cosplay.

  • legoroboticsgeek says:

    My friends and I build forts, make a bunch of weird food, do challenges,
    talk about random things for hours, complain about school, swim, and/or
    ride our penny boards and bikes. Just girly things! ;)

  • Yujin Kim says:

    That doesn’t even happen- thats not realistic. Hilarious!

  • weird says:

    when i do a slumber partie with friends, we like to go on Omegle,
    Chatroulette.. that’s actually really fun

  • Jawa Els says:

    I have literally worn this look at all my school dances for the past 2
    years! I even do my friends makeup from this video. Thank you so much

  • Alexandra Tipiciano says:

    I love your skin color, is perfect

  • Lina Blunk says:

    youre sooo cute!!!

  • taylor dinkins says:

    i wish i looked like u

  • Hey There says:

    Claudia, you are not pretty. You are BEAUTIFUL! FLAWLESS, AND PERFECTION!

  • Lotte Debecker says:

    you have beautiful eyes

  • Ashley Aplicano says:


  • yupitztiff says:

    3:34 nice face.. 

  • Christina Miles says:

    you look soooo different now

  • Dani377e says:

    OMG it’s so amazing to see you transform into such a beautiful lady and
    I’ve been watching you ever since your 15/16 yr old years<3 I'm currently
    15 and can't believe how fast time flies. Ily always Claudia!

  • GXG123 says:

    looks like sarah hyland

  • Horsecazygirl me123 says:

    an no not really, we are not allowed to wear any make up at school

  • Horsecazygirl me123 says:

    its not a make up for school tutorial it is an everyday tutorial 

  • maddiedris26 says:

    do people really wear that much makeup to school



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