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0:01 Introduction
0:21 Talking politics
0:30 Political views
0:40 Political parties
1:08 What are the two major political parties in the U.S.?
1:48 What names and symbols are associated with the two parties?
2:27 What are some key differences between the two parties?
3:33 Do voters in the U.S. have to register as Republicans or Democrats?
4:13 Lesson ending

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Talking Politics in ESL

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I was at the Donald Trump rally over the weekend and it was impressive. There were over 4,200 people packing the North Ballroom of the Phoenix Convention Center. There were people outside who couldn’t get in! The crowd loved Trump. He is now at or near the top of the polls for the Republican presidential nomination. So the question for Mr. Trump, like any serious candidate for the White House, is… HOW?

18 Responses to U.S. Political Parties – Talking Politics in American English – Vocabulary

  • Abba’s Ark Homestead says:

    He did the plan right in front of you. He tells the truth and listens to what we say.  We know how to fix our country.  We want out of the special interest group paid for nanny state.  We want local autonomy to build and grow our own food and supply sources.  We want our freedom back.  Quit being obtuse.

  • John Henry Beiler says:

    Go to the gym…and hey Trump works does not look like you do

  • John P. Hoffman says:

    Why are you so anti-Trump? Why don't you ask Hillary how she is going to do what she says. Mr. Krafft you are coming across as a biased liberal. Just report both sides and let us the viewers decide.

  • ahmed ghieth says:

    Thanks a Millions from Egypt .

  • Graeme Smith says:

    hello how are you doing today well you are doing such an amazing job I find many English teachers here on YouTube you are a completely different teacher however the words and the Expressions even sentences you write are not clear so we can not see them maybe it's just because of the bad video quality you have or something else has to be improved though.

  • Graeme Smith says:

    could you please clarify the difference between I think I reckon I suppose and words with same meaning

  • Kass Confortini says:

    A comment with all the respect, here in Brazil, we use the word Donkey to attack people discouraging them, like, "you donkey, because you do not know math, you donkey because you do not know how to drive", so, when I see a donkey as a symbol, I think it is a little funny…best regards!!!!

  • Junior Jr says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I like so much your classes and mainly your way to talk and explain it, it´s clear and easy(almost . . . I am learning hehehe) to understanding.
    So, that´s it, good job friend, bye…

  • Kim Tran says:

    thank you very much ! Your video is so helpful

  • Mollie Tai says:

    1) Democrats : donkey / blue – more liberal / progressive / government control / tax for the rich
    2) Republicans : elephant / red – more conservative , less regulation , the rich shouldn't pay more tax

  • Israel says:

    Simplifying: Democrats are the ones who promote politics that get the economy poorer while the Republicans get the economy to grow and produce middle classes and wealth.

  • Marcela Salinas says:

    Hahahahahahaha I cant belive democrats have a donkey as a symbol.
    Its like the people of MENSA, so many intelligent people together, and they end up with the word MENSA. 😂😂

  • Redom Khan says:

    How I join 🇺🇸 United States 🇺🇸 Political party?

  • JK Wright Commander says:

    You should also mention the other parties like a libertarian the green or the tea party


    Good in short

  • Nalyn B. says:

    Great VDO! Easy to understand.

  • shivam gupta says:

    Thanks a lot mam,

    Your smile adds sugar to learning
    Impressed by your way of teaching
    Respect and love from India
    And one more request ..please guide me on the electoral process of presidential election of USA..

  • Steve Ryan says:

    Good video! I know this isn't a video about politics but the left/right debate is a massive distraction to keep our attention away from the real problem.



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